Belenen (belenen) wrote,

who is your tribe?

Who is your tribe? not necessarily the people currently in your life, or the people you are related to, but the ones who have a permanent spot in your heart.

You are all my extended tribe ♥ I really feel everyone on my flist is an important part of my life. (and I am not just saying that, it is SO true!) And within that circle, the ones I feel I share a tent with on the journey of life are: (it's a fucking giant tent okay)

currently traveling with me:
tent-mates: Nimajn, Hannah, Aurilion, Ava, Kat, Nick, Ry, Nea, Kate, lil sis (the only blood-kin in my tribe).
sharing my fire: Meliae, SabR, Kazi, Vee, Ali, Joanna, Sarah, Sharon, Sidhe, Bob.
((there are like 10 more just on the verge -- I define my 'tentmates' by the strength of the connection, amount of communication, and length of time known (NOT by how much I love them! there are people I love just as much who are not yet part of my tribe). Right now I am astoundingly rich in friends.))

on another path but hopefully will one day travel with me again:
Rebecca, Paula, Spencer, Gabe, Risa, William, Kaylene, Jedidiah, elya, Patty, Ashley, Anika, Michael, Kristy, Kristen, Allison.

I think I have explained most of these but if you are curious about any just ask!

p.s. if I consider you part of my tribe but I am not part of yours, that's okay -- it doesn't have to be mutual ;-)

When you tell me yours, please also add a word or two as to who they are (partner, friend, relative).

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Tags: lj friends, meme, my tribe

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