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helped miss K with her website / forgiveness

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.

I'm not really drunk. Only a little. And the only alcohol in my system is the elixir of night air.

I helped Miss Kathleen with her website today -- she was building it in Word, which was alien to me, but we got it about 90% done anyway (as opposed to 30%). She was so grateful. (I was glad I could show off the little skill I have) Building websites for a living would be so fun.

AND I mostly-finished a beading project. I'll post a photo soon. (it's "the Empress" --one of my most intricate designs)

I feel so disappointed in something, but I don't know what. Maybe I'm stressed out about Sylvia. (she's not running very well so we aren't driving her, which means I rarely leave the house) Then again, maybe I'm just not reaching out to God. Recently I realized that I haven't been much of a friend to him -- only seeking him for what he can give me and not actually seeking his heart -- and I'm ashamed of myself and kinda self-punishing by not letting him comfort me. Stupid, i'n' it? Refusing forgiveness 'cause I feel like I don't deserve it...

You don't forgive someone 'cause they deserve forgiveness-- you forgive 'cause your love is stronger than the pain they caused you. I know this with my head, but my heart is resolutely unconvinced.

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