Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Happy Birthday Katya!

Happy Birthday redarmy_pariah!!! I hope it is absolutely amazingly wonderful, like you deserve ;-)

I can't remember if I ever thanked you for the AMAZING gifts you sent me, which is shameful because they were overwhelmingly loving and thoughtful! The sketch you did of Angelina is GORGEOUS and so very accurate! (I need to take a photo so I can show it off here) You are outrageously talented, missy! And the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead is the most beautiful copy I have ever seen -- fantastic color images, readable print, in a large non-hardcover size (thus easy to read)! I had been wanting one for untold ages and never even come across one so beautiful. and I loved the dragonflies! and then of course the bat puppet, like baby-bel fell in love with all those ages ago -- omg, that made my eyes well up! ♥ I really hope someone makes you feel as special today as you made me feel the day I got your present *hugs!*
Tags: birthday, books, coming-forth by day, giving

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