Belenen (belenen) wrote,

art, the sacred, and money / the nature of my magic vials

Usually the prospect of so much artistic 'work' would overwhelm me (20 vials, at least 40 hours) but because most of them are going to both create individual ripples (in the wearer's life) AND wider ripples (by the donation) I feel really inspired and motivated. I feel like I've discovered the key to 'selling' art, or that which is sacred (these are even more sacred to me than other art, but all my art is very important to me). Because art is a part of the creator, and as such is priceless -- no amount could ever be enough! In pricing my art I always felt that I was undervaluing it or that I was asking too much, or both at the same time. But a gift to a non-profit organization dedicated to creating love, equality, or healing is also priceless, so it doesn't matter how small it is, and I don't have to try to determine how much I am worth per hour. YAY! I relisted what I already had up on etsy for lower prices, to be donated to specific charities :D

I just ordered some supplies for the vials so I'm not starting quite yet, but I'm compiling the info so that I know what I need to get (and so that it can be swirling in my spirit). So Nea, Laura, Jenny, i_come_undone, girlstandstill, Kori, SabR, Angie, Sidhe, and Hosanna, I still need info from you, especially you first few because you're at the beginning of the list (I'm doing first the 4 who kept coming to mind, then in order of when you commented).

The nature of these vials is temporary -- that is, they're meant to create an effect in your life, and once you outgrow the need for that effect, they'll no longer be 'potent.' Obviously you can still wear them for their beauty, but they are not meant to express who you are so much as to draw things TO you. I ask for the colors/symbols/words you resonate with because that gives an anchor to you, but I may include things that you don't necessarily resonate with at the moment. For instance, right now I might wear a vial with blue in it for tranquility and moving house (I might be moving soon and my life seems filled with upheaval), but blue is not at all one of my colors. I just want to specify this so that you won't be disappointed if the vial does not perfectly reflect who you are.
Tags: art, communication / words, jewelry, magic, magic vials, spirituality

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