Belenen (belenen) wrote,

updated important posts list

I updated my important posts list on my userinfo! Some of the posts are really old, but the majority of them were made in the last 12 months -- which I think says a lot about my current rate of growth, heh. Here 'tis:

··································· ···································
· main characters in the story of my life (needs updating...) ·
· identity: my self-labels and my definitions of them ·
· parts of a person -- spirit, heart, soul, mind, and body ·
· bisexuality is a stable and legitimate sexual preference ·
· concept of sex as a spiritual exchange, polyamory ·
· my decision to use genderfree language ·
· discussing genderfree language ·
· polyamory -- how I choose my lovers ·
· on use of the word 'rape' & 'curse words' ·
· the bel survey -- my answers & tell me about you! ·
· LJ journey to openness & honesty; my love for nudity ·
· the difference between openness and honesty ·
· about artistic nude modeling ·
· open-mindedness ·
· love & affection ·
· soulfriendship ·
· misunderstandings ·
· on vanity weight loss ·
· expressing pain vs. complaining ·
· on talking about a person behind zir back ·
··································· ···································

Also, if you're new-ish to my LJ or you want to check out the posts which are most important to me (this list doesn't include most of my spirituality posts because they build on each other too much for that), here's a helpful tag: the essential belenen collection :D
Tags: linkage, lists, little chaotic posts, the essential belenen collection

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