Belenen (belenen) wrote,

sex is its own intricate language

Until this year, my partner was the only lover I had ever had, and so a lot of my thoughts on sex came from the sex I've had with zir. I'd forgotten what it was like at the beginning, tentative and strange -- such a novel thing, so unlike anything else in life (or maybe a heaven-flavored swirl of everything that exists?).

Becoming lovers with Aurilion has taught me (or perhaps reminded me) that sex is its own intricate language -- a language created between two people as they learn the rhythms, desires, responses of each other. It's watching the shivers caused by my touch, listening to the pace of my lover's breath, feeling zir heat rise -- a constant dance of asking and answering, "this?" "yes" "this?" "no" "this?" "oh yes." With my partner I am fluent; with Aurilion I am just learning to speak. This formation of sensual language is such a thrilling adventure... I only wish I had more time to weave it.

The miles between us are a constant pull on my heart.
Tags: aurilion, b - ex-partner, communication / words, love, sensuality, sex

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