Belenen (belenen) wrote,

high energy / 8/8/8 & numbers

Since the beginning of this month I have had much higher energy than usual! (you probably noticed, with the increased rate of posting) It feels really good, like I'm going through a shedding of skin -- uncomfortable, definitely, but when I step back and look at it as a whole, something positive is happening.

Today's a sacred day for me -- 8/8/8 -- and this month is also. The numbers 8, 11, or 13 appear in my life to mark things I am to pay close attention to, so today is a day of strong meaning for me. (my 10th spiritual birthday is 11/13/08! and my 5th LJ anniversary is 08/29/08 at 11:13 -- that was not intentional, btw, that 'just happened' to be the time I created my LJ. I can't even count all the times that things like that have happened) I wish I had some idea of how to make the most of it, some idea of a ritual. Usually I just try to stay as aware as possible and watch for signs throughout the day. (just looked at the clock and it's 8:08!)

also, Happy Birthday Deborah!
In your honor, a bizarrely hilarious song:
Tags: birthday, little chaotic posts, numbers

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