Belenen (belenen) wrote,

wasn't going to post on this but then I looked it up more in-depth. *RAGE*

I've never hated the idea of a certain person becoming president before. But McCain? After watching zir 'playfully' suggest that zir wife compete to be "Miss Buffalo Chip" (Miss Shit, in other words) I feel nothing but utter disgust and horror at the idea that such an unapologetic misogynist could be the leader of my country. Especially after double-checking to see just how gross the 'pageant' is... pickle-licking (while the pimp -- oops, I mean "announcer" -- dangles the pickle next to [his] crotch in one scene, and in another a woman performs fellatio on a pickle attached to a man lying on the floor), a wet t-shirt contest (complete with comments like "spread your legs/boobs"), and demands for stripper-like dancing (and ridiculing the women who don't wish to demean themselves in such a way) are all part of this so-called "beauty pageant." Why don't you just come right out and say it, McCain -- "vote for me and I'll make my wife show boobs / pornstitute zirself!" Oh, and McCain called Cindy a cunt and a trollop when ze made the most mild comment about [his] hair. I don't consider these things small or excusable. (there's also the rumor of a rape 'joke' McCain made, but I haven't found any concrete source for it)

But then, it's just some harmless objectifying -- you can objectify a person while respecting them, right? Women are meant to be decorations used for the status of men, after all, so pretty much anything short of beating them in public counts as respect.

comments screened because I dun want political arguments but dun want to disable either :-p

Edited to be more accurate to what I mean -- I was angry and overstated, saying that I "hate" McCain which is not accurate.
Tags: anger, rants, social justice / feminism

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