Belenen (belenen) wrote,

meme: ask for the question to which your name is the answer :D

You'll get to view the questions if in return you promise to post
your very own answers to the said questions.

(p.s. you don't have to play if you don't wanna, I can just tell you your question ;-) 'cause I'm so nice.)

um. I'm absolutely dreadful at narrowing down, so I tried to stick with no more than five people per question and no more than three mentions of each person but I may have failed a little bit. For lots of them I wanted to list 10+ people so don't assume I didn't think of you! Also I left out my aurilion because otherwise ze would have been my answer to most of 'em! (note for you who I got this from -- I changed up some of the questions :D)

1. mermaiden, willow_cabin, aliyna
2. darkpool, smurfb1ue, clown_frog, acid_burns, kmiotutsie
3. no one ;-)
4. mermaiden, aetheric, febrile_lune, malignlibra
5. delicatexflower
6. brightlotusmoon, aliyna, writer_lilies
7. kmiotutsie, chillychilly22, notashamed
8. clown_frog, darkpool, acid_burns, musicandmisery, kschap
9. good grief, everyone! but especially musicandmisery, oh_simple_thing, clown_frog, acid_burns, aetheric
10. aliyna, jendaby, notashamed, febrile_lune, celestialsight
11. shadowlily, diepunyhuman, happystance
12. Tons of ya. random five: aliyna, shadowlily, musicandmisery, phoenixdreaming, mme_furiosa
13. willowing
14. jenniology, the_magpie, sidheblessed, aetheric, sabr
15. grace_in_spades, thiswaste, clown_frog, queerbychoice
16. fortunately none!
17. mermaiden, shadowlily, febrile_lune
18. delicatexflower, diepunyhuman
19. bellerisa, paravati, biznessman_alfa, oh_simple_thing
20. acid_burns, clown_frog, kmiotutsie
21. kmiotutsie, frecklestars, verviana, demonista, callmebee
22. delicatexflower, malignlibra
23. um, hell no.
24. biznessman_alfa, sabr, malignlibra
25. diepunyhuman, moon_orchid
26. well, if I tell you then there's just no mystery left *giggles*
27. acid_burns, delicatexflower, clown_frog, sabr, diepunyhuman
28. armandii, lorelei_sakti
29. there are at least 8 of you ;-)
30. You're fuckin' AMAZING and I adore you.
Tags: lj friends, meme

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