Belenen (belenen) wrote,

my lil sis' amazing writing on "What Living Means"

I am so freaking proud of my (15-year-old) lil sis!!! Ze is so amazingly brilliant and understanding. How my parents ended up with two iconoclast offspring I will never guess, though I like to think that I encouraged lil sis in that direction. ;-) (Ze does NOT, however, take after me in the spelling and grammar department so I took some punctuation and spelling liberties in my quote *giggles*) No matter how strangely it happened, I am so honored to be related to this wise firebrand of a person. Ze seriously blows me away with how ze sees the world... (bold and italics are the parts that especially resonate with me)

We weren't meant to live our life so that other people can think that we're perfect. I think that sometimes I don't stop and try to have fun because it's just too easy to stay in that place in your life that you can just watch your life go by in front of your eyes and not try to join it and challenge the rules. I think we were meant to try new things and that we were meant to question the things that people just put into our lives and we don't even stop to think about it -- we just do the things that were rooted into our minds that we are supposed to like. like being heterosexual. we don't have to like the other sex and we should spend our whole life wondering what is keeping us back from those impulses that are just eating at us. like when you find this person and you think "wow, what would it be like to belong to her and to be the only one who is hers" and to be able to spend your whole life feeling complete and happy despite what others think what you should do. sometimes we should just stop thinking about things that are just holding us back and leap and fall where you land. I want to find the place in my life where I don't have to worry about the things that I'm supposed to do or the things that we are wanted to do. I just wonder why, why is it when there are people that are obviously so happy with the choices that they made and how they are so happy with their partners that others find some way to make them sad or some way to put down something that is just so beautiful and to turn into something that is perverted.

I've had a look at the things that are perverted and it's just so surprising that the people that hurt us so much are so unhappy with their life. and that those people who are rude have done so many things sometimes that it's just like, why are they judging us? I want to one day be able to have a life where I'm completely comfortable with who I am.
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