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dream (I meet Laura and Nea in dream-Finland)

lately my dreams have been extremely short and simple (as opposed to the usual epic cinematic-style chock-full-of-symbolism dreams that I'm used to and that keep me so fascinated I can't bear to wake up) but I've decided to start recording them again anyway. The good part of these dreams is that they just suddenly end and then I'm awake, so it's easy to get up... but I miss the epic ones! People don't understand why I can sleep for hours upon hours upon hours -- imagine watching the most fascinating movie, in which you get to play a part and have magical powers. Yeah, you wouldn't want to wake up either!

I was in another country (which I think was supposed to be Finland but like my last dream it was as green as Georgia, very open and grassy even in the middle of the city), walking down a median which was about 12 feet (3.66 m) wide, covered in grass and sprinkled with trees and benches, like a long skinny park in the middle of two busy streets. I (almost literally) bumped into Laura (musicandmisery) and we excitedly started making plans for what we were going to do since we were in the same place. Then I sensed that Nea (acid_burns) was nearby, but was waiting to be found, so I flew around and found zir sitting on a bench. While floating upside-down in the air, I teased zir about hiding and convinced zir to come back with us to my hotel room where we could plan our fun day. Once we got there, everything got confused... there were little kids around and at one point I had to use the bathroom so I took a sheet and comforter and let them drag on the floor (which is very out of character for me as I hate messing up the bed and I can't stand for bedclothes to touch the floor) because I was naked of course. And then there was a bit where I was hunting for contacts and realized I didn't have enough for the whole visit and couldn't order more because I was overseas (in real life I only have a few pairs left), and while I was putting in my contacts there were four eyelashes in the contact-water (two of which were supposed to go in my eye (?!?) and two of which weren't, very tricky to separate them). And then there was something where I was using stickers and I got really enchanted by one shimmery sheet (out of the collection that I already have) and Nea noticed and mentioned that ze was the one who sent it to me. I was like "oh, I guess I didn't look at it as closely as I am now!" Oh, and at one point Laura asked me my middle name and I said it was Rebecca, and ze was like "I KNEW IT! my sister is named Becky and you guys are so alike (in tenacity and boldness)!" And at the end Laura was suddenly at zir home and on the phone with me and said that ze wanted to phone-chat with me more often. (we've never spoken on the phone before)

The only meaning I can gather is that I want to go meet Nea and Laura! *giggles* but I love dream-meeting lj friends -- I feel like it's a real meeting on a spiritual level. I have dreamed about Nea probably five times now but this was my first time dream-meeting Laura! :D

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ladywind ══╣╠══
~grin~ I'm glad I'm not the only one who dreams LJ-friends.

A while back (six months? two years? my sense of time is *fuzzy*), I dreamt of wandering through a tattoo/piercing studio-slash-clothing store-slash-art museum with morfeusz, trying to pick out the perfect large-diameter ear jewelry. I figured if I could find one that felt just right, I'd have my wee little holes expanded to encompass #2 pencils. And Kai put his hand on my shoulder and looked me square in the eye, and said something to the effect of "This isn't to be entered into lightly; have you really thought this through?" And I realised I hadn't, so I let the idea slide.

I love the thought that when my conscience needs a face to wear to make fashion/body-mod statements, the one it picks is him. Kai's made of awesome. :)
tindomerel ══╣╠══
Next time you're visiting Finland in your dreams, remember to visit me too ;)
ga / who's making you cry
acid_burns ══╣ga / who's making you cry╠══
Amazing :) ♥ Someday soon we need to get together, yes?
patricia - my angel
musicandmisery ══╣patricia - my angel╠══

I have dreams about my lj friends, too. ;)
painted_dreams ══╣moon╠══
The dream world is so fascinating to me... I have the most amazing, horrifying, beautiful, disturbing dreams... Many of them end up as stories that I write.
sidheblessed ══╣╠══
I love dream-meeting lj friends -- I feel like it's a real meeting on a spiritual level.

I think so too. :)
(Anonymous) ══╣╠══
tree joy
belenen ══╣tree joy╠══
I prefer the term partnered, but yes. ;-)
(Anonymous) ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣voltaic╠══
I find this comment very disrespectful. It assumes that 1) I'm doing something 'to' Ben, rather than WITH Ben; 2) you have the right to judge whether or not it is fair/right; 3) that it is not fair/right and therefore I am treating Ben unkindly; and 4) that I and my partner did not pray enough about this. I also find it disrespectful that you speak to me after a long absence and your only 'concern' is that I may be acting in a way that is unfair/'wrong.' If you were friends with Ben and saw the affect it had on zir life and it seemed negative to you, THEN you would be able to claim legitimate concern and say "hey, this seems unfair because (reason)." As it is, you cannot possibly know, and you are making judgments based on ignorance, NOT speaking up out of true concern. You can't be truly concerned about something that you do not know/understand -- you can only be worried because of the judgments you have made.

You do not know me. If something about my life seems 'off' to you, then you may humbly ask questions in order to try and understand. It is very disrespectful for you to come into my life, judge me, and tell me that you feel I am being unfair or 'wrong' and should pray about it. If you WERE seeking understanding, then you might have said something like this:

"Your beliefs/lifestyle make me uncomfortable, and I would like to ask some questions if that is okay with you. Do you believe that it is okay for a Christian to be bisexual? In what ways does this affect Ben? Have you prayed a lot about this?"

And then I would have felt questioned but still respected, and I would have happily explained why I believe that Jesus/God/the Holy Spirit has absolutely no problem with same-sex or polyamorous relationships, the ways it affects Ben (which are overwhelmingly positive), and how I prayed/listened/communicated for over a year before becoming actively polyamorous.

Instead, I feel upset at being judged and disrespected, and I don't want to have a dialogue because I feel that you will not listen, since you did not ask.
(Anonymous) ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣garrulous╠══
sure, we can start over. ;-)
frecklestars ══╣╠══
It's nice to know I'm not the only one who dreams about LJ friends too...
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.