Belenen (belenen) wrote,

a message from the past (kinda)

I just got the sweetest message from someone who is a generation older and a long-time Christian. (and I'll add that ze is from the South because although I've found southerners to be more accepting, not less, I'll take this opportunity to disprove the popular stereotype) My eyes welled up when I read this because it really is perfect timing, as I've been starting to look for a church to visit despite the feeling that I won't find one that will be genuinely accepting. Ze read my LJ and responded in such a respectful, accepting way... and it gives me hope that I can find more people who really follow Jesus' message rather than the church's distorted doctrines.


I was just checking out your blog on LiveJournal about the lack of community. While my beliefs aren't quite the same as yours, I've definitely experienced being the "wacko/out-there" person as far as how other view my beliefs. It always seems that I'm considered an on-the-fringes Christian somehow. Yet i think that it's because I've sought to obey Jesus in ways that weren't "acceptable" to most. I've been stabbed in the back so many times by other Christians, you'd think I'd change religions just to find relief. But, (this is my view and is not intended to persuade you otherwise) I think the suffering is to conform us more to the image of Christ. It's been my experience that each believer goes through at least one Garden of Gethsemane experience, similar to Jesus'. If He had to experience betrayal and still love the betrayer, then so do I. [[[the way ze phrased things here seems a little like the "yay suffering *beats self*" attitude that many Christians seem to embrace, but I think the point was to empathize and encourage me that good can come from suffering, not to say that suffering is inherently holy]]]

You know, it sounds a little bit like your belief system may line up with Wicca. I've run into quite a few Wiccans and Pagans at Rainbow gatherings, and I have to admit that most of them "out-Christian" most Christians as far as love and acceptance. [[[I've found the same thing! *winks at Wiccan/Pagan friends*]]]

Tonight I read something about the original Hebrew word for God. Guess what? The God of the Bible has no gender, and He (Sorry! I'm used to using "He", but it sounds really weird to after that statement. hmmm.) embodies characteristics that are generally expressed in terms reserved for the feminine, as well as characteristics that express the masculine! I think it's rather cool when pondering the gender/non-gender thing you were writing about. [[[so awesome! it seems ze carefully considered what I wrote]]]

Anyway, I love you and accept you even if I don't completely understand you. From what you've written, I think that you are one who truly tries to walk in love and acceptance toward others, even if it isn't always returned. [[[such respect and compassion]]]

May you be blessed with a hearing heart! [[[wonderful, because that is EXACTLY the current growth-theme in my life! a message of understanding through intuition]]]
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