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music sharing: Ké, Kate Havnevik, Achillea, Enigma, Mythos

22 of my five-star favorite songs on the 22nd of each month (late this time :-p) A five-star song is one that has strong melodic pull as well as significant lyrical meaning to me (if there are lyrics) -- all of these are very important to me. In sharing them I'm sharing some of my soul... I'm trusting you to listen and sense it. ♥

In this post: Ké, Kate Havnevik, Achillea, Enigma, and Mythos. All of these artists are new to me, and I only have one album by each of them so I may end up posting more by them as I collect their work. ;-) 's "I Am" I found at the local used book/media store, and asked the owner to play it so I could sample it. I was so intrigued by the androgyny of zir voice and the meaning of the lyrics that after 1.5 songs I knew I had to get it. When I did listen to the whole album I was amazed by the uniqueness of the musical style -- it's really impossible to classify, so imaginative! Kate Havnevik's bizarrely titled Melankton I found in a different used CD store and fell in LOVE! Every single track on that CD is a 4 or 5 star song. The lyrics speak my thoughts on so many different things... and I always love vocalists who use their voice as an instrument when not singing lyrics. The music is full of unusual textures yet quite polished. Achillea was a disappointment. put "Vivir" on my station and I LOVED it so I checked Amadas Estrellas out on amazon and bought it. Unfortunately the 30 second samples didn't reveal just how repetitive it is... it just seems so empty and hollow. Well done, I'm sure, but not at all satisfying to me. Still, that one song still amazes me so I'm sharing it. Enigma was also introduced to me by, via the song "Return To Innocence," which I loved so much I kept an eye out for it at the used CD store and found "A Posteriori." Most of the songs on this album are instrumental and so thrilling. They spin worlds and stories in my mind -- sometimes erotically wild dancing, sometimes flying over the most intricate forest, sometimes an ever-deeper spin into an ocean. That CD is also all 4 and 5 star songs. Mythos (also introduced to me by, via "Triste") is a mixture of very classical-sounding music and fantasy elements -- for some reason it reminds me of Spain. I really like the spirit of "The Reality Of A Dreamer" -- to quote from the back of the CD case, "We believe that there is a place that lives within us all. It is a place of vision and clarity, where the rhythm of life moves in harmony with a higher consciousness. The purpose of our music is to take you there."

Belenen's favorites -- October 2008 mix
(click pic to download a zip of all songs)

I just got a mediafire account and used it to host all the files on the mixtape -- so please let me know how that works (does it stutter or play smoothly?) if you try it.

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(all from I Am)

Strange World
Is this our last chance to say all we have to say
hiding here inside ourselves, we live our lives afraid
so close your eyes and just believe in everything you're told
'cos in this land of great confusion it's easy to give up control

Strange world; people talk and tell only lies
Strange world; people kill, an eye for an eye
Strange world; dream one day we'll see the light
Strange world; believe and everything will be alright

And this is the place where everything begins and ends again
no secrets left to find no seven deadly sins
this world that we have wasted has kept us very well
when science now is sacred, who will save us from ourselves?

Strange world; people talk, sometimes I wonder why
Strange world; people kill, still no one hears their cries
Strange world; burn these thoughtless tears out of my eyes
Strange world


I hope and I pray
that this wall of illusion will all fall one day
Someday, someday,
someday I know I'll make it happen, someday
I try, yes I am trying
but I'm more afraid of living than I ever was of dying
Am I what I am, I am, I am lonely, I am lost
searching for a reason no matter what it costs
I need to believe -- is this all there is to me?

Someday, someday,
someday something good is gonna happen, someday
I try, yes I am trying
but I'm more afraid of giving than I ever was of lying

no more reasons to feel shy
no more pain to hold inside
no more fear, no more blame
no more need to compromise

I try, yes I am trying
I am so so sick of hurting and I've had enough of crying
Am I what I am, I am, I am lonely, I am lost


Don't Walk Away
gotta live gotta love gotta learn
from all of these mistakes we've made

These are the days that we have created
is anybody out there, does anybody really care
it's never too late, never too late
We always seem to blame some other one
for all the hurtful things that we ourselves have done

will we ever learn will we ever learn

the time has come for us to change, to break this never-ending chain
gotta live gotta love gotta learn, gotta live gotta love gotta learn
These are the days that we have all been hoping for
it's never too late, never too late

Don't walk away
is anybody out there, does anybody really care


Endless Blue (Why)
Tonight I walk down to the water
to touch bright stars up in the sky
this cool blue she's my trusting friend

and sometimes, I wonder why
what secrets will I find
reflecting in these mounds of endless blue
some sign to tell me why
this heart continues beating inside

Wind blows to night, night flows into day
this life will always be a way that we must try
until all of us find our own happy endings
Life is born of the same water
tasted and blood sweat and tears everyday

blind lead the blind through this world of disorder
still I cry to find a way

I hope to find my soul
reflecting in these mounds of endless blue
some sign to tell me why
this heart continues beating inside


Holding On
I know I know I know we were so in love
how many times do I have to try to tell you
I am sorry for the stupid things I've done
yes, how can I win?
every time I try to get inside your head
you always turn away and run

I guess you're right some things are better left unsaid
maybe you're right I'd be better off dead
cause I can't give up I can't give in
I can't let go of the only good thing that I ever had

We've been through fire, we've been through rain
seen sunny days, will they ever come again?

tell me why it hurts so much inside
I'm the lonely one
tell me why you're never satisfied
why am I the only one
holding on, holding on

Maybe I am crazy maybe I am blind
maybe I am lazy yes, sometimes I have been unkind
is that any reason to believe
the grass is any greener on the other side
you think you'll find a better love than mine you won't
you think you know just what you want
it's obvious to me you don't

We can close this book, we can turn the page
we can move our life to another stage
can we hold inside our hearts
all the love we never gave


Kate Havnevik
(all from Melankton)

Unlike Me
All I know is
That I'm here;
Don't know for how long.
I love the way
You live so intensely
Enjoy every minute of life
With space to swing
Your arms around
Laughing loudly

There is no time,
There is no time,
There is no time,
Time doesn't really exist.

The past, the present,
And the future,
Are all side by side,
Hand in hand.

You move and change,
Yet you go nowhere:
Everything stays the same.
You stare at me
And ask me questions --
Makes me nervous
This room it keeps a constant tone
While I'm on a roller coaster


I Don't Know You
I, I know the stars
Falling from the sky
Falling for you

And I, I know the wind
Combing your hair
Caressing your chin

But I don't know you
Will you show me
Who you are?
Cause I want to know you
So please show me
How to know you

And I, I've seen the waves
Inside your heart
Turning you upside down

And I, I heard the dreams
You have at night
Giving you trouble

But I don't know you
Will you show me
Who you are?
Cause I want to know you
So please show me
How I know you


You Again
I can't go anywhere,
without feeling strange
I can't see anyone,
everything has changed

Cause every time I close my eyes,
it's you again, you again

and every time I hear your voice I,
don't know what to do with myself

tongue-tied valentine
waiting for my chance
easy chat up lines,
but do you dare to dance?


Catch me as I fly
Passing by at night
Watch me as I go, outside
It's another world
When the moon is high

And the walking keeps,
Me breathing

I shouldn't be here
Twenty-four hours of searching

Down the narrow streets
I can feel the breeze
Going small and tired, like me
Drink some more of this
Feel the morning bliss
Songs of airplanes in my head


New Day
Beautiful day
Watching you as you awake
Morning stars in your eyes
Your hand in mine

The sky is lit up
Day will be richer than night
So don't think of yesterday
It's here and now

It's a, it's a, it's a new day
It's a, it's a, it's a new day

The beauty of you
Gives me my fortitude
Stronger than any dark cloud
Screaming out loud, hey, hey


So: lo [*]
I'm so low
Everyone's speeding
but I'm still going slow
And I'm so low
Everyone glows
I see love affairs
But no one will do
But you

If we could speak
we could have a good row.
(which of course I'd win)
What I mean is I'm missing you now;
This freedom is wasted on me.


(from Amadas Estrellas, which I got for this song and then didn't like any of the others.)

(no english words)


Enigma (Michael Cretu)
(from A Posteriori)

Dancing With Mephisto
Follow me
Come and see
Infinity, eternity


Invisible Love
Oh rescue me, oh rescue me, my love
Oh rescue me, oh rescue me, my invisible love

I'll follow you, I'll follow you, oh rescue me


Hello and Welcome
Hello and Welcome
You're always welcome


20,000 Miles Over the Sea


Sitting on the Moon
I'm sitting on the moon
Watching planet blue, hello
Looking all around
Rotating without sound, where are you?
Where are you? I'm sitting on the moon
Where are you? I am missing you

I came from very far
A little unknown star, hello
I don't know what to do
It's so cold and blue, without you

Where are you? I'm sitting on the moon
Where are you? I am missing you


The Alchemist


Mythos (Bob D’Eith & Paul Schmidt)
(from The Reality Of A Dreamer)





The Ring




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