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Obama is president!

Yesterday I voted for Obama (my first time voting for a Democrat) and I'm so pleased that ze won! (Georgia ended up red by a slimmer margin than most, at 53/46) I've never seen so much celebrating on my flist, heh.

I hadn't really thought about this before voting, but after Obama won I realized something. One effect of having a black president is that it changes the way white Americans see black Americans, on a grand scale. It's so easy for a white person in a majority-white area to ignore the fact that there even ARE black people, because even when they are represented on shows and movies they're a side character, caricatured, or quickly killed off -- and they only seem to make the news when they win games or do something bad. Some white people endeavor to make themselves aware of the privilege that we have by default, but for all those that don't? The president is one person who cannot be ignored. Maybe now people will be just a little more aware of how race affects those who don't have the luxury of ignoring it. And people who subconsciously believe that black people don't belong in positions of power will have their assumptions shifted. Even if no one says anything about race directly, this will create positive change.

And it feels good as a female and queer human to have someone running the country who has felt the sting of discrimination, and is not afraid to speak against it. (without the insincerity of a white straight male who fails to admit to zir own privilege/prejudice)


you know, something I learned from Bush -- the president is not just a powerful official. Ze is seen by Americans and others as a symbol of the United States, and it seems that most Americans' faith in America depends on their faith in the president. That isn't true for me, but understanding that did affect my vote. I feel that even if Obama ends up being a mediocre president, the faith and hope that people have in zir will bring so much positivity. It's so refreshing, after all the hate, to feel hope radiate from people instead.

This year I voted more with my heart/spirit than my mind (my main reason for voting for Obama was that ze inspires hope, and spoke on behalf of equality), and I feel sensitive to criticism about that, but also certain that I made the right choice.

Semi-relevantly, did you know that laws against interracial marriage/sex existed and were enforced in the US until 1967?!?! I did not know this until yesterday when I saw Itty Bitty Titty Committee (which was awesome). So maybe Californians turned on themselves and maybe same-sex marriage is currently unsupported but we WILL eventually make marriage equal in sex as it is in skin.

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smurfb1ue ══╣╠══
Wait, did eight fail? That's really too bad.

Along the same lines of the interracial marriage laws...there were "sodomy laws" on the books and enforced in all fifty states into the sixties (and some didn't get rid of them until, I think, 2000. Imagine allowing government to dictate so closely the private lives of individuals.
belenen ══╣overwhelmed╠══
8 passed, banning same-sex marriage -- and I wonder if that was in part due to the fact that you vote no to say yes to same-sex marriage, and vote yes to say no. :-/ confusing.

yeah, seriously! *shakes head*
morning_stand ══╣╠══
It really was worded badly.
But on the ballot it said 'Eliminates right of same-sex marriage" so I think if people voted yes, they would know to eliminate it and no to keep it.

I am so disappointed that it passed :( I mean, it's not official yet but damn close.

Yesterday was a big step back for gay rights across the country in Florida, CA, and Arizona. But a big step in the right direction for a womens right to choose as Prop 4 was defeated, and there were several other propositions across the nation that did similar things.
optimistic7 ══╣╠══
I knew Obama would win it. It is surely a sign of a great change for the good of all.
belenen ══╣effervescent╠══
;-) yay!
genesiskenshin ══╣╠══
Sad Day in California, prop 8 passed.
acid_burns ══╣résumé╠══
Right now I am just so proud of the American people that it's almost silly :)

And Obama's victory has been the main topic of discussion at work today. Everybody, and I mean everybody, are just so relieved that he won. A friend of mine here at work said, "Maybe finally there'll be some positive changes." ANother friend said that she got up at 4am to follow the election.

And we're in Finland. It's amazing.

ga/ the greatest
acid_burns ══╣ga/ the greatest╠══
But I'm sad about Prop 8 and what happened in Arkansas.

ga/ the greatest
acid_burns ══╣ga/ the greatest╠══
Also, Itty Bitty Titty Committee owns my soul.
melissarose8585 ══╣╠══
I live in Arkansas, near Memphis, and I thought I was gonna cry when I saw they passed the foster care amendment. I voted against it, as I am a cohabitating person and I feel that I could provide a stable home for a child without that piece of paper. But that seems to be the direction my state always goes.

But we got Obama! I was crying last night when they finally announced it. And the speech, and the crowds...I can't remember the American people ever getting so excited about a candidate in my lifetime. It was beautiful to watch.

acid_burns ══╣résumé╠══
I find it so ridiculous that there are pieces of paper out there in the world that takes away some beautiful (human) rights from a group of people. And in that, from little children. It's just... incredibly sad and downright wrong. I don't understand what's so bad and disgusting about me, you know. I'm sorry for the good people in Arkansas :(

But yes... Obama. The entire world is ecstatic. I know I am. And I cried listening to his speech. He's the right man for the job.
the_magpie ══╣Life╠══
The fact that Prop 8 passed is putting a raincloud on my celebration, but I am thrilled for Obama. I knew last night in his speech that things would be different as soon as he mentioned gay, straight, disabled and not disabled Americans forming a unified country in his speech last night. For him to so much as mention people who seemed previously to be a nonentity to the government - I swelled with joy and hope.
liberaci ══╣╠══
I can truly say for the first time that I am proud to be an American. Also, I know first hand that the president really DOES affect how the American people are seen by other people. If they like our president, they'll like us. It's unfair logic, but it's the truth.
photo: keep yourself together
languisity ══╣photo: keep yourself together╠══
i've always been a democrat by default because i've just always felt that democratic party is/was always more willing than the republican party to be a) inclusive and b) to let people live as they would like to live while retaining their own faith/views (for example, joe biden disagrees with gay marriage on account of his roman catholic faith, but doesn't feel that what he believes should be imposed on others. just as he wouldn't want someone else's views opposed on him). so even though this was the first chance i had to vote, i already had my leanings.

but i totally resonate with you in the way that i also voted with my heart/spirit as well. there was something so wholly.... hopeful about Obama that i had to put what little trust i do have in our system in him. usually i have such hard time with politics in general because i've always felt so strongly that there was no one in this for me. and though i don't expect Obama to be perfect? i have hope and faith that he will try to do the best that he can for everyone.

he's said before (and in his speech last night) that he would listen to us, especially when we disagree, and that's something that just.... i can't help but hold that close to my heart. this was one of the first times i felt like oh, hey, this wasn't just a politician.

and i also have hope that the vast majority of us all saw that we were needing a major shift in how we're living in this country, how we need to start living again and not just surviving and cowering in fear. and more importantly, how we can all start doing that together, that we're truly one people.

i'm also marveling that we made this happen. just... wow.

wow. i didn't mean for this to get that long. it just all sort of came pouring out. *blush*
think outside the box
rapidrabbit ══╣think outside the box╠══
My aunt and uncle had to leave the state to get married. Maryland's bans on interracial marriage specified Filipinos as not allowed to marry caucasians until 1967. They've been married for 50 years now. I look forward to the time, maybe another 50 years from now, when children growing up in a generation when people can marry exactly whatever human they want to marry can tell stories about their family members who had to travel to certain states way back in the early 21st century to marry their same-sex partner.
brassdaughter ══╣whimsy╠══
I feel that even if Obama ends up being a mediocre president, the faith and hope that people have in zir will bring so much positivity. It's so refreshing, after all the hate, to feel hope radiate from people instead.

I agree! When Nebraska held its first caucus this primary season, I went (in part just to experience the process) and spoke for Obama in the same way. Besides, I'm not afraid of mere mediocrity after the last eight years--I have felt completely manipulated and violated by the current administration, and have been outraged, disgusted, and all but convinced of our powerlessness to create change without violent rioting. Obama will disappoint sometimes, I know, but disappointment will still be a relief.

In the meantime I am more proud of my country than I ever have been before. I never thought I'd weep for joy because of an acceptance speech!
brassdaughter ══╣whimsy╠══
Also, I cling to hope that the latest wreck in California cannot last. The Constitution will ultimately guide the Supreme Court to overturn all bans on same-sex marriage, I believe that. The fight just has to end up before judges who are truly interested in doing their job, rather than maintaining the status quo for the Far Right.
Our day will come. It WILL, dammit! :)
camilleyun ══╣╠══
Completely unrelated to this post...have you ever been to the Highland Bakery in Atlanta? The cakes from there look amazing.
biznessman_alfa ══╣dexter╠══
i just read over my comment, and i swear i dont mean for it sound as snarky as it does. :(

i dunno how i feel about Obama winning. i think he'll either be the best president we've had or the worst. but i think race might play too much in his presidency tho. 1 black person in my town said "yah, now we rule the country! whitey better watch his back! bang bang, pop pop (making a gun-shooting gesture)" and he wasnt joking around. the guy is a black supremicist (which is a fact with him). and some white people are like "he only won because the black voted for him." so i dunno how i feel. i knew of a few black people who voted for him BECAUSE he was black. i just think people shouldnt look to his race for validation of any kind. just because he's 1/3 black doesnt mean anything. it's his policies and what he does that mean something. i think people pay too much attention to race/gender in politics that it's more damaging than good. yes, it's cool to have a black president, but it doesnt matter in the long run. we shouldnt be saying "oh, cool, a black president, the world is more equal now." we should be saying "now, are we gonna stay in the war? is he gonna be able to fix the economy? is he gonna protect our country?" but America is America, and race is an issue on both sides. it's sad that it's that way, but whether he does good or bad in his presidency, i think it's all gonna come down to the fact that he's black. he's never gonna be remembered as a Good President or a Bad President. he'll be remembered as a Good Black President or a Bad Black President.
bellerisa ══╣╠══
"Maybe now people will be just a little more aware of how race affects those who don't have the luxury of ignoring it. And people who subconsciously believe that black people don't belong in positions of power will have their assumptions shifted."

I really hope this will be so.
lorelei_sakti ══╣lucia╠══
I am glad you voted for Obama! I thought you might be for McCain, since that's how the voting swung in Georgia.

I actually feel hopeful for the first time in years about the direction of our nation. Obama is very inspiring in that way. He's acting like a president even now, months before he actually takes office. I am so relieved to have someone in office that the rest of the world will respect. (I hear Europe is quite enamored with him.)
sidheblessed ══╣╠══
I think it's wonderful that Obama is president. He seems a strong leader, one that people can admire and trust. McCain just couldn't command the same inspiration. We're at a time in the world where people need to be inspired.
lupinlover ══╣╠══
okay I just ran across you in a comment and noticed you said 'ze' and 'zir' instead of he and his. Just wondering why.
darkpool ══╣╠══
I'm pretty unhappy he won, but I wouldn't have been happier if Mccain won so I guess it doesn't matter. Either way this was going to be a horrible next four years. I'd like to think differently but everything that Obama has said and done since being elected has only confirmed my worst fears.
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.