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communication fast for spiritual birthday -- 11th through 13th

My 10th spiritual birthday is on Thursday (11/13/08) -- on a full moon! (my spiritual birthday is the anniversary of the day when I dedicated myself to learning of spirit) As a celebration/honoring, I am going to be fasting from communication from the 11th (midnight tonight) through the 13th (until I wake on the 14th). No phone, no email, no reading of LJ, no media-watching, and possibly (on the 13th itself) no talking. I'll spend my time reading, praying, meditating, creating, writing (though I won't post anything until afterward because I wouldn't be able to resist reading comments), working on photos, and hopefully visiting the Big Trees Forest Preserve on the 13th.

If any of my spiritually-minded friends have suggestions for things I might do (rituals / exercises / sacred creations) do please share them! before midnight tonight ;-) Also, if anyone has anything they would like prayer/positive energy/kind thoughts for, please comment here -- be as specific or vague as you'd like. (those comments will stay screened).

I'm excited and a little nervous. I haven't spent time away from both LJ AND people in a very very very long time. Wish me a fertile silence!
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