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communication fast -- aftermath

scribbling quick: during the fast I had an amazing experience at Big Trees, then came processing, visiting a Quaker meeting for the second time, time with Pat where we had an honest and plain conversation about queerness and educating oneself, an unexpected meeting with my parent-sib Peg and bio-sib S, more processing, spending time with SabR and Kazi for the first time in ages, an incredible series of dreams in which I met a new Deity who has come into my life, and all kinds of amazing meditating and creating. I keep wanting to write but there is so much to say and there are photos I want to share and omg I've been editing like a fiend and I still have a huge backlog. The fast seems to have been this... blessed exuviation, and now there is just an explosion of change and growth.

*hugs flist!!!*
Tags: bits n pieces

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