Belenen (belenen) wrote,

a very silly thank you post

I just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU to Jenny, Nea, Laura, Sarah & Jenn, Anna, & Kat for the lovely Christmas/Moomas/holiday cards :D They so touched my heart. And thank you to Firekat for the yummy treats!

As for what I'm sending out, well, I've only sent out ONE thing so far. I majorly miscalculated funds so I will have to wait 'til next payday to mail everything out. :-( Even when I plan ahead I can't seem to manage to get stuff sent in the actual year it is meant for :-p anyway, I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on my flist so I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday(s) and I luuuuuuv youuuuuu!!! Also I am made of mush right nows :D I can has Aurilion for X-mas :D :D :D *snickergiggle*
Tags: gratitude

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