Belenen (belenen) wrote,

poem: "Distance"


my cold fingers press
until your bark makes patterns on my skin
but you are silent -- groggy, sleepy, unresponsive.
you do not sweep your arms open to hold me
and I can't find the way in
I'm not summer
and I cannot wake you.

my paled skin lifts hairs toward you
craving your caresses
but though you seem to touch me, my skin knows you not.
I miss your gentle loving pressure
and the tiny tan reminders of your kisses.
you stand sullenly in a grey sky,
arms crossed,
glaring coldly.
How could you forget our love?

my shivering body seeks shelter
as you scrape, batter, snatch at me
once you swirled around me with gentleness,
but you respect me no longer.
you will find your way in,
etch your icy fingernails through my flimsy defenses,
wear me down
until my bones rattle together
and my breath no longer insults you with steam.
Tags: nature, poetry, trees

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