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crazy mixed up randomnessssssssssssss!!!!


I've been dancy-dancy-dancy all day today and I really have no idea why but YAY and *rocks out to Róisín Murphy* Yesterday I sent out PRESENTS yay! I'm in the moooood to create, but everything seems too sedate! (oops rhyme!) *bounce bounce bounce* I discovered the most delicious sandwich today! Sprouted rye bread with turkey and havarti cheese and dill slices and dijon! it sounds like too many different strong tastes but thanks to my weird mood I tried it for breakfast (I don't have time associations for food) and was then like OMG YUM and had it for lunch too. hee hee!


but srsly, I've been thinking a LOT the past week about this upcoming year and I'm a teeny bit apprehensive because I'm like, how can it POSSIBLY be any more incredible than the past year? which means it would be less incredible -- but then, how likely is that? I mean, I know like 3457230572509725 times as much as I did last year and I have 234723587 more incredible friends and my love life is like 324097245072570 better than before because 1) closer to Nim and 2) AURILION, duh! Tryin' to figure out what I even want for this year... want to make goals (not resolutions!) and make thanks-in-advance!

Today is the full moon ♥

p.s. Callie is totally me, btw. *giggles* nothing is cuter (and hotter) than Callie flustered with being flirted with! am loving this storyline.

p.p.s. Lie To Me is FASCINATING.

p.p.p.s. bookmooch is fuckinawesome. (thanks for the accidental introduction Kat!)

p.p.p.p.s. Tell me what you're currently reading / listening to / creating!
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