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meeting my tarot deck, Color Voices / I'll do 8 readings for my flist

During Aurilion's visit, we made a spur-of-the-moment stop by the local eclectica store where I found the perfect tarot deck waiting for me. It was a destined happening (a term I prefer to the misleading word 'coincidence') -- a week or two ago I stopped in to get some lavender and for some reason felt like it wasn't the right time to get it, so that was the thing that drew me in this time. I never look at the books, but this time I did, and the second I laid eyes on it I knew it was perfect for me. There are 79 cards in the deck, but when checking to see if they were all there I counted 80 (8 is a sacred number to me). Also, while we were there I found a pewter box (from another seller) in which they fit perfectly, with scarcely a millimeter to spare. AND the book that goes with it was a misprint, with some pages missing and others doubled, which I took to mean that I'm not to take the book seriously -- a good thing because the book had some stuff which decidedly did NOT resonate with me.

These cards, who I have named Color Voices, speak to me. I'd always thought that tarot worked by simply pouring your energy in and allowing it to draw you to the cards that you subconsciously know are the right ones (because I believe in a universal consciousness); it had never really occurred to me that simple printed images could radiate their own energy in a way that made them feel like people. (or maybe it never occurred to me that I could feel them that way -- certainly others had expressed that, though not in so many words) But these cards? I can feel their presence like a person in the room! And the artwork on them could hardly be more 'me' if someone had created it with me in mind. They are so, SO beautiful. I feel like meeting them is a really important turning point for me.

I did a reading (my very first ever) for Aurilion that night (which was spot on) and a few days later did a reading for my partner, which was startlingly accurate. Then I tried doing readings for myself and they were meaningless, which I found really discouraging. But I got the impression that I simply need to practice 'attuning' myself to the cards (and I think it is harder to read for oneself).

So I wanted to ask a favor from my flist. ;-) Would you be willing for me to do a short reading for you and then post it here (public) with a photo of the cards? If you want, I can do it anonymously, and I'll screen comments to make that possible. Just PLEASE, do not expect me to be accurate or even meaningful to you -- I might be, but I don't have any practice or knowledge about this, so I could just as easily produce a confused mess. I'll do the first 8 comments from my flist, and then I'll edit this post to let you know that requests are closed. (if you're one of my newer friends I may not be able to do one for you because I need to have a sort of intuitive understanding of you since I can't pick up your energy directly, like in person) You can ask whatever question is on your mind or just ask for a general reading.

I'm hoping to get this finished before 1am Friday so it can be my art-sharing post for the week ;-) (One of my goals this year is to become more comfortable with deadlines and time-structure, eek)

ETA: yay, finished with mermaiden and c_a_turbulence's readings! six more to go!
Tags: aurilion, b - ex-partner, color voices, destined happenings, intuition, spirituality, time structures

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