Belenen (belenen) wrote,

self-educating 2009: 1-1 (haha!)

I said I'd do this once a month, so here goes!

How I star them:
1 star -- DREADFUL. Don't read even if your only other option is is staring at the wall.
2 stars -- not really worth the time it takes to read it, but if you're superbored...
3 stars -- pretty good, nothing outstanding, but decent entertainment. Worth 1 read.
4 stars -- very good, has some outstanding features. If it has flaws, the benefits overwhelm them. Worth reading twice or maybe once every few years.
5 stars -- AMAZING!!! memorable, captivating, with no glaring flaws. Worth reading over and over (maybe once a year), because you'll get more from each reading.
(** means it's a re-read)

01. For Love of Mother-Not** by Alan Dean Foster (science fiction) 4 stars
256 pages (total 256)
This is a re-read -- I recently filled all the gaps in my Pip & Flinx collection so I'm refreshing my memory as I work my way back through. There's not really anything profound about this one, but the colorful characters and fascinating world-building make it definitely worth the read. It feeds my imagination. ;-)

I'm also:
68 pages into Journey into Oneness
85 pages into Stranger at the Gate
78 pages into When Elephants Weep
106 pages into The Tar-Aiym Krang

yeah, I can't read just one at a time. :-p
Tags: books, self-educating

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