Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (fair & Aurora Borealis)

I was at a fair with a group of friends -- not sure who they were although I get the impression that my partner was there (btw not using any name for zir anymore because I'm tired of having to change it). We went on a few different rides and on each one there was a little 'magic poem' that you were supposed to read aloud while on the ride. Everyone else was Too Cool to do something so 'childish' but I didn't care -- I was completely wild with the sparkling lights everywhere and the nighttime and the fun rides and slushies and other dreadful delicious food -- so I read them aloud. On the last one, there were instructions which I read and followed. They involved walking different places in the car-thing (like a Ferris Wheel but it didn't go round and round, didn't make sense really) and looking in different directions, moving your eyes a certain way, and at the end holding a pose. The others were laughing at me as I did this (not maliciously, just giggling) but at the end I gasped and shrieked and almost fell over in ecstasy and THEN they wanted to try it too! What I saw at the end was the Aurora Borealis! And because of all the lights of the fair you had to do those specific things to adjust your eyes enough to see them. Ohhhh they were beautiful and magical ♥

I've also dreamed of James Marsters twice lately, in much the same way I used to dream of Angelina. I feel that same strong connection with zir.

This dream is so encouraging for me ♥
Tags: dreams, dreams more real than waking, magic

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