one YEAR anniversary with Aurilion! / photos

I can't believe it's been a YEAR -- it feels like forever and no time at all. I stepped into this thinking that I would risk my heart for the joy of the moment; that moment blossomed into a year and my heart found itself safe. Aurilion is my heart-kin, my lover, my walking-together friend. I have learned and continue to learn more and more with zir... I'm so grateful I have my whole life to further entwine, to share gazes and kisses and tears and giggles, and most of all to discover this one who captivates me ♥

Happy Anniversary, milove!


blinding you with beaming smiles :D


melty love ♥




squishy giggles!


closeness ♥


(I love you)


so in love!


the focus is on the tree behind us but I kinda like that!


(I cherish you)




I could gaze at you forever!


blessed ♥




forever glow

Beautiful by Luna Halo

You're so beautiful
And it speaks of who you are
And it makes me want to get
To know you

You're so colorful
And it touches who I am
And it makes me wonder where
Your light comes from

It's so good to know you...
It's so good to know you

With light so blinding
Your love surrounds me
You speak so loudly
With what you haven't said
You haven't said (to me)

I want to know what makes you beautiful


Light by Darren Hayes

The light, it flickers
Your light, traveling down so deep

I have been cold, I have been blind
You have come to change my mind
I can put my faith in you

The light, it blisters
Your light, coming down so bright
Turn it up, give me some room to grow
Turn it up, give me that sense to know

For something ordinary
It's so extraordinary
I trust, I put my faith in you

The light, it glitters
Your light, when I stand this close
It's almost blinding

I have been changed, I have become
I have flamed under the sun

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adamantplatypus ══╣╠══
Aw, that makes my heart happy.

Also, do you guys have the same eye color? It looks exact in that one picture, it's stunning.
bel kisses aurilion
belenen ══╣bel kisses aurilion╠══
we both have blue hazel eyes -- shifting between green, grey, and blue -- so usually they look different which makes that photo very cool! thanks for pointing it out ;-)
adamantplatypus ══╣╠══
xochitl ══╣<3╠══
D'awwww! I love this post!!
bel hearts aurilion
belenen ══╣bel hearts aurilion╠══
md/ hey pretty girl time to wake up
acid_burns ══╣md/ hey pretty girl time to wake up╠══

♥ Simply beautiful.
theindiequeen ══╣corgan╠══
I love this post, too. :) Happy Anniversary :)
tangerinedada ══╣╠══
You two are beautiful together and congratulations on your connection :D
flyingshaman ══╣╠══
Oh babe.. I love you so much.

I feel so much magic and energy being active right now - it's crazybeautiful!

I'm just in awe, and in complete .. wonder at the possibilities of where we're going and where we are.

*grins* I adore you, love.
purple beach me 2
parallelgirl ══╣purple beach me 2╠══
beautiful pictures! Congratulations!

(frivolously, I've been meaning to ask you for ages what colour you use in your hair- I've yet to find a purple that looks as good as that!)
febrile_lune ══╣╠══
Congrats! These are amazing photos, they make me want to start taking more pictures with my partner. I am so camera shy :(

I LOVE how you two did your makeup--- SO expressive.
phoenixdreaming ══╣women╠══
So much joy: recorded in the photos, and evoked looking at them. Happy anniversary, you beautiful people.
wlotus ══╣Peaceful╠══
Happy anniversary! Those are beautiful photos. Your love for each other shines.
me - looking to right
moonvoice ══╣me - looking to right╠══
Aw some seriously, seriously beautiful photos in that bunch. Just lovely and evocative to look at. :)
prettysquarebox - Namine
saturnsdaughter ══╣prettysquarebox - Namine╠══
Congrats on your anniversary! The photos are beautiful :)
drew; devil horns.
delicatexflower ══╣drew; devil horns. "rock on"╠══

awww!!! this is so amazing! happy one YEAR anniversary you two! i will come back and say some more in a little bit... ( a little bit busy atm, but i had to pay my wishes first!)
Blue skies
jenniology ══╣Blue skies╠══
This really brightened my evening. <3 Thank you. And happy anniversary to both of you!
mulholland drive - laura & naomi [one]
musicandmisery ══╣mulholland drive - laura & naomi [one]╠══
You two compliment each other so perfectly. :)

Simply and utterly gorgeous, the both of you - and you both have two of the most beautiful sets of eyes I have ever seen. ♥
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.