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So you want my day-to-day mundane, eh? *snorfle* I'm thinking up a post on 'what my days are like,' but until I share that, here's this:

I like: "music that makes you feel wistful, sorrowful or melancholy; music that calms you down and puts you at ease; music that's brimming with passion and sensuality; music with over-amped guitars, feedback and other grimy sounds. (sad, relaxing, romantic, distorted)"

It's a fun survey with music clips, but I'm not sure how accurate it is (I think mine was swayed by my dislike of piano and the fact that lyrics are as important to me as melody); help me decide by doing it yourself and posting your results as a comment! :D


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adamantplatypus ══╣╠══
I'll agree with you that the results are distorted. It says I like sad music. You go back and listen to a longer sample of their "sad" selection, and I was like..."WAIT! I had no idea if it was sad or not because I couldn't hear the lyrics!". When I hear the piece I heard, it didn't sound sad.

I like the smooth guitar the most, the stuff you can sing to - Indigo Girls, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, things like that. I like things like Enya and Robbie Robertson, but I also really like Classic Rock, too.

flyingshaman ══╣╠══
Hm.. I'm not sure how accurate mine is either. Supposedly I'm "relaxed, sad, and intelligent". I'm right there with you on the piano part, and the lyrics sometimes killed a tune for me if they weren't nearly as interesting as the tune itself.
chokethewind ══╣╠══
Apparently I am aggressive, loud, and instrumental and I don't like deep lyrics. O.o I sort of get all those, but not the deep, intelligent lyrics thing. You couldn't hear the lyrics on most of the songs! So... sort of accurate in a way, but not entirely.
aerialmelodies ══╣╠══
Maybe it meant lyrics so deep they aren't audible to human ears? ;)
ladywind ══╣Pan╠══
(I'm fighting the urge to make Lovecraftian references; this ain't necessarily that kind of bar, you know? XD )
aerialmelodies ══╣Music╠══
I did that, and mine said I was indifferent to pretty much everything! @_@ I kept saying I loved the classical and techno pieces, so I'm not sure how that makes me indifferent to it?

It did give me inspiring for music, though, and I really enjoyed the snippets of music it has for that category. :)
cunningbunny ══╣╠══
I got "aggressive, sad, and percussive" which certainly covers a great deal of the music I like (though my tastes are varied, so not all). The description for "aggressive" amused me greatly though: "You like music that's hostile, belligerent and borderline violent." *snicker* Yeah, I get in that mood sometimes. :-P

Edited to add:

Show media Loading...

Edited again to curse: What the fucking hell?! They provide you with a "badge" link, which apparently doesn't work. No way I'm running throuhg it to try and fix their code. Dumbasses.
acandidlife ══╣╠══
Very interesting. I want to take this now!
ta/ sh-sh-shock me sane
acid_burns ══╣ta/ sh-sh-shock me sane╠══
Uh oh.

- You love music that calms you down and puts you at ease.
- You love music that makes you feel wistful, sorrowful or melancholy.
- You like music that's brimming with passion and sensuality.
- You like music that's articulate, literate, worldly and wise. (YES! SCORE!)
sidheblessed ══╣╠══
It said I like my music aggressive. O.o I like my music passionate and full of emotion.

I do agree with its suggestion I like my music intelligent though, because I do.

You're right that the lack of lyrics kind of skewed the results.
ladywind ══╣Pan╠══
"Instrumental, Percussive, and Tempo"...

Alright. I want music I can move to, whether it's a slow coiling movement or a get-in-the-pit-and-watch-out-for-elbows one. So tempo and percussion I dig. But I think they're mistaking my aversion to the lyrics they sampled for an aversion to lyrics in general.

(yowled:) "I met 'im in some ol' bar, away down in th' South..." And then he shot your dog and put your mama in jail. No. Next?
(growled:) "I'm tired of being sick and tired, tired of understanding..." Buddy, you don't have to stick around for that, and neither do I. Next?

I was hesitant to dig on the jazz or R&B or even bluegrassy riffs till the end of the clip, for fear of some John Tesh or Tammy Wynette sounding creature interrupting the fine groove with something inane. Augh.

It's a fun toy, though. I'm going to lose a few hours playing with it. :D
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.