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Goals for 2009: self-educating & stepping out of my comfort zone

(most of this has been written since early January, but for whatever reason I never posted it. But I hibernate in winter anyway, so 10 days ago was New Years for me *giggles*)

- write more. I'm sick of having a whole stack of posts which are half-finished or just in concept stages. This is connected to:
- stop worrying about comments. I make up these strange rules for myself that then keep me from being able to fully express myself. I need to find a way to be as comfortable on the days where I comment nowhere as I am on the days where I go crazy with them. Also, responding to comments in my LJ immediately would keep THAT from getting in my way.
- keep up with posting about books I'm reading -- on/near the last day of every month, make a post. (2/12)
- return to musicsharing -- on/near the 22nd of every month, make a post. (3/12)
- return to artsharing -- every other Friday, make a post. (2/24+)
- post more of my dreams.
- write more about my partner
- write more about Aurilion
- write more about the mundane / day-to-day of my life.
- start a new project -- something interactive.
- pick a month and post every single day that month -- if I like how it feels, do it again two months later.

do you want to see me post everyday in April?


- read more. Instead of snatching moments here and there, devote 1 hour to reading at the beginning of each day, 30 min for fiction and 30 for non-fiction. (working very well so far!)
- no more than 1 out of 5 re-reads a year (partly to keep them fresh, partly to make sure that I read enough new stuff!)
- keep at least a 3-to-1 ratio (aiming for 2-to-1) of fiction to non-fiction (non-fiction includes biographies & historical fiction).
- learn more about: hypnotherapy, reiki, psychotherapy in general, what it means to be differently abled (having deafness, blindness, paralysis, autism), animals & plants (their consciousness: feelings, thoughts), people (biographies & autobiographies), crystals (their use in healing), culture (ancient egyptian and various modern cultures), feminism/equalism, and whatever else I am inspired to learn about.

- talk on the phone with at least three LJ friends I've never spoken to on the phone before (0/3)
- meet up with at least 3 LJ friends (other than Aurilion and lil sis, heh) (0/3)
- talk to lil sis more often
- have IM conversations more often
- become more comfortable with deadlines.
- meet at least three new people around here for coffee & conversation (0/3)
- once it's warm, go to some of the events at phoenix n dragon
- go to the Big Trees Forest Preserve by myself at least once a month, once it's warm (0/7)
- go on a long drive by myself to a new place
- go to a concert by myself
- go out by myself at least once a week, once it's warm (0/28)
- get my first tattoos! At least the first two (they go together) -- maybe as a belated birthday present from my partner :D :D :D
- maybe post a video of my INSANITY DANCE! (only if you all promise not to judge me, heh, I would never in a million years dance that way in front of anyone)
- MAYBE post a video of my serious dancing (but that's a LOT more vulnerable and less entertaining so that's a slim possibility)
- do the nocturnal treetop excursion in April and/or July
- attend interesting group activities in the area -- both alone and with others.
- possssibly spend more time with my in-laws... if I can make myself be more me around them, and if I can handle the "you don't belong" feeling.

- finish all of the vials (4/22)
- finish all of the affirmations (0/14?)
- mail them out! (0/22) (I suck! sorry!)
- write myself a new affirmation (done!)
- and say it every day until it is ready for replacement
- keep my dream journal by the bed and write my dreams down before getting up
- do at least two more sets of tarot readings (if there are takers)
- meditate for at least 22 minutes every evening for 22 days: (0/22)
- write to Geb in my prayer journal (the paper one)
- save up and buy a Hapi drum in the Akebono Key of D ♥ (20/423)
- once I get it, experiment and compose songs on my Hapi drum.
- POSSIBLY take videos of me playing (I love how you people just ASSUMED I'd be doing that, haha!)
- play in public (at parks, at Big Trees) -- not FOR an audience, but regardless of it.

- get a tablet and experiment with digital painting.
- take more photos and edit/post them soon after taking them.
- use the tripod/timer more
- devote more time to making earrings, especially simple single ones for a broader appeal
- list a wider variety on my etsy
- figure out how to sell more so I can raise money for my causes!
- PAINT. WITH ACRYLICS. FOR REAL. as soon as it gets warm.
- write more poetry. (2/11)
- get at least three of my photos printed at full size and hung on the wall

- continue using the healthrider briefly (enough to get my heart rate up) every thirty minutes, gradually increasing the length of each session and possibly adding weights.
- work on strengthening my core muscles
- dance more! (enough to make me breathe hard)
- once it's decently warm enough, go on evening walks with my partner when zir schedule allows.
- figure out my limits by going on measured walks every so often (ugh!)

- sort my books into 'read,' 'unread,' 'plan to re-read,' and 'essentials.'
- sort my unread books by desire and list the ones I'll probably never get to on bookmooch
- sort my read books and list the ones I'll probably never read again on bookmooch or give them to interested friends
- go through my random piles of papers and toss the trash and find some way of organizing the stuff I wanna keep
- make a binder of letters / postcards recieved rather than sticking them in a box
- make a selection of important photos
- - - - get them edited
- - - - get them printed
- - - - put them in a book!
- go through all my knick-knacks and donate the ones I can bear to part with (instead of now, keeping everything that was a gift)
- organize my fabric & crafts stuff.
- get drawers to replace my shoebox system :-p
- sort my CDs

NOTE: these are not resolutions, so I'm not going to feel bad if I don't do them -- they're just the things I'm aiming towards (some of these are carryovers from last year and the year before). Keeping in mind what I want helps me to get there, however slowly. ;-)

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wolf spirit; susan seddon-boulet
adamantplatypus ══╣wolf spirit; susan seddon-boulet╠══
It's a very noble list. Good luck with getting as much accomplished as you'd like to!
adamantplatypus ══╣╠══
OH. Almost forgot!
Did you know that Flickr actually does printing? I've used their services for the photos I've taken and been really impressed with, and they're excellent. They're very cheap, too. I recommend them for your printing, if you upload them there after you edit them.
belenen ══╣╠══
Re: OH. Almost forgot!
ladywind ══╣╠══
Re: OH. Almost forgot!
belenen ══╣╠══
flyingshaman ══╣╠══
My first thought upon seeing this was "WOAH that's a lot! I mean, yay, but wow, that's quite a lot to get done! And I'm sure you can do anything you put your mind to."

Yay, to hear more about me, AND about Nim, yay!

At first, with the writing every day, I thought, "Nah, ze should just do it when ze feels ze needs to," but now, upon reading the rest of your list, I think it might, perhaps, be a good challenge to write every day. (Sounds like you're doing some spring cleaning and.. dunno what else to call it - revitalization?) Of course, if you don't like it or it doesn't jive with you, that's completely alright, but definitely, try it!
belenen ══╣progressing╠══
well, they're just goals (not resolutions) so if I don't get them done this year that's fine with me. ;-) (shoot for the moon and land among the stars!)

hee hee ;-)

Yeah, I've done the exercise of writing-every-day, and it really helps me, keeps me limbered up sorta. It gets to be a hindrance if I carry it on for too long (like, for a whole year), but a month isn't too much. ;-)
oceanid ══╣╠══
I look forward to seeing you carry out these goals! Especially your LJ goals as I would love to get to know you better and see a different side to you. A more day to day side :) I actually share many of the goals you listed, makes me want to make a list of my own eventually :)

And yes to insanity dance! I know it will be beautiful <3 <3
belenen ══╣nascent╠══
yeah, some of my newer friends have missed out on that because I haven't been doing it lately (haven't been leaving the house because I don't have a car, so there hasn't been much to say!). I'm looking forward to it.
frecklestars ══╣heart-print╠══
Hell of a list you got there! :D I do hope this won't be a stressful thing for you though, but rather a lovely creative sort of thing. I hope you won't be too hard on yourself if you don't reach the goal. *hug* Whatever you can/want to blog about, I'm happy to read.
belenen ══╣progressing╠══
oh, well, I'm not going to worry if I don't get them done this year. I see any progress toward a goal as success, so if I don't complete a bunch of them I can still be quite happy and feel accomplished ;-)
wolfmare ══╣╠══
Hmm... Insanity dance? Sounds fun! Sounds kinda like what I do around the house with my son when nobody can see (to judge me!), and I scoop him up and dance around as silly as possible to make him giggle :)
belenen ══╣amused╠══
hee hee, exactly! with me it's a lot of flailing and wild shaking of head :D
wolfmare ══╣╠══
prettysquarebox - Namine
saturnsdaughter ══╣prettysquarebox - Namine╠══
Well, you're certainly going to be busy! But if you can actually find a way to accomplish most of this, more power to you. Maybe once things calm down a bit, I'll compile a list for myself as well :)
belenen ══╣progressing╠══
:D Without goals I feel unsure how to move -- with a goal, I know what direction I want to go in. It's all about the journey!
melstrick ══╣╠══
Yay for Phoenix and Dragon!!! I love that place!
belenen ══╣magical╠══
it's so wonderful!
tralfamadore ══╣╠══
Wow, you have some positively incredible goals set down for yourself here. These are all such wonderful things to be working towards, and even if you don't accomplish them all outright, just pursuing each one is sure to bring you such a great sense of growth and enlightenment to yourself and the world around you.

Of course I'm particularly interested in your final goal for self-educating, especially what you find out about those with disabilities and different ways of thinking and behaving than what's typical. I can't wait to read more about what you find out in respect to those issues and causes.

And I must say that I personally would absolutely adore watching a video of you dancing. Though I've never seen you in true movement, the photographs I've seen that have captured images of you in various poses show such a grace and presence of being. I feel as though watching you dance would certainly be an amazingly powerful experience. It would be an honor for you to share such a thing.

All-in-all, I just can't wait to see how this all progresses for you. I so look forward to your updates and watching as you continue to grow from these experiences. I feel as though I learn so much just from being able to share in your experiences through your journal, and you really inspire me with all you do!
belenen ══╣progressing╠══
yessssssssss, indeed! the movement toward them is the thing I am really focusing on ;-)

I recently picked up several books on autism. One about the similarities in relating between animals and people with autism -- "Animals In Translation" -- which speaks on two of the subjects at once! I'm excited about reading it (and it was so awesome that I found it at the used book store!).

aww, I do hope I can muster up the courage to do that. It would be QUITE a step for me. ♥

Your 101 in 1001 list inspired a lot of mine! but when I tried to give each thing a measurable completion it just didn't work for me, so I went with my usual unstructured route for most things. ;-)
tralfamadore ══╣╠══
djcliche ══╣╠══
wow. great list. good luck with it
regina - and it's contagious
musicandmisery ══╣regina - and it's contagious╠══
Wow I certainly hope you can reach as many of these goals as possible, they all sound so rewarding. :)

PS. if you have any questions about paralysis, you can feel free to ask me anytime. ♥
sleepysunshine ══╣╠══
Wow, that is quite a list. I voted for you to post everyday in April, because I am too! National Blog Post Month (which is in November) gives a theme each month, and this month's theme is Growing! I'm choosing to focus on personal growth myself. Though I'm not as organized as you. But all of your goals are wonderful!
something more than ordinary
smurfb1ue ══╣something more than ordinary╠══
You might be interested in reading something about synesthesia which is a condition where a person's senses can be simultaneously perceived (like tasting tastes like shapes or hearing words in color). I've read a couple fiction and nonfiction books throughout the years that have been pretty fascinating.
kiwi ══╣╠══
Fantastic list.

I have a few book suggestions if you're interested that just might appeal to you based on what you listed. Let me know!
aerialmelodies ══╣Flowers╠══
I love this list! Sounds like some fantastic ideas. :) I hope you're able to complete what you can - I can make meeting someone from LJ possible... XD
kschap ══╣╠══
I, too, am curious to see your thoughts when you learn more about the various facets of the disabled community (it's really sooo vast!). If and when you get to that "unit" (heh heh, taking you back to school here...), feel free to ask me anything about my disability if you'd like. Matt is disabled too (spina bifida) and I'm sure ze wouldn't mind sharing some stuff with you, through me or otherwise. I will ask him.

...I meant to mention this the other day, but I'd like to see some more video blogging from you! Or just videos in general! I enjoy putting a face, AND a voice, AND mannerisms with my online friends. :)
kschap ══╣╠══
(Whoops--trying to remain gender-neutral in my comments to your posts, and I don't use those pronouns regularly! I meant "I will ask zir"! *giggles* Sorry!)
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on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.