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question for my scented-oil-loving friends:

do you know of anything that smells like myrrh, cinnamon, dragon's blood, cedar, cloves, and maybe a touch of vetiver? that would be my purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect scent. I'm practically swooning just thinking of it. If you don't know of that exact blend, any recommendation that's strongly myrrh and/or woodsy-with-a-little-snap would be appreciated. Or any combination of the above that doesn't include floral or vanilla notes (ugh). I've already tried BPAL's "Serpent's Kiss" and "Bloodlust" -- I like them but want to try something new.


with myrrh:
Rumpelstilzchen -- patchouli, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, tonka, vetiver, myrrh.
Priala, the Human Phoenix -- Three deep, dark myrrhs, smoke, cinnamon bark. (I want to try this RIGHT NOW)
And There Was A Great Cry In Egypt -- Dark myrrh, white sandalwood, amber, hyssop, frankincense, honey, cypress, red musk, cardamom, saffron.
Aeronwen -- Fig, dark myrrh, amber, redwood, nutmeg, tarragon, black musk, sweet orange.
Omen -- oakmoss, juniper berry, myrrh, patchouli.
Sed Non Satiata -- myrrh, red patchouli, cognac, honey, tuberose, geranium, musk.
Voodoo -- myrrh, patchouli, vetiver, lime, vanilla, pine, almond, clove.
Masabakes -- Thick black currant with the darkest, deepest myrrh, bitter mimosa, mandrake dust.
Laudanum -- Nutmeg, sassafras, black poppy, myrrh.
Malice -- Ylang ylang, clove, Indonesian red patchouli, dark myrrh.
Eshe, A Vision of Life-In-Death -- black myrrh, white sandalwood, black orchid, paperwhites, tomb dust, Moroccan jasmine.
Wings of Azrael -- Warm myrrh, violet, Lily of the Valley, juniper, cypess, cajeput.
Dance of Death -- Dry, bone-white orris, black musk, serpentine patchouli, our murkiest myrrh.
Nefertiti -- Egyptian iris, olibanum with red & white sandalwood, soft myrrh, a breath of North African herbs.

with white ginger:
Mag Mell -- amber, white ginger, lemon verbena, fresh green grass, sage, summer rain.
The Coil -- Ozone, eucalyptus, mint, purple orchid, passionflower, white ginger, purple lotus.
Spider -- White ginger, artemesia, vetiver, nutmeg, King mandarin, bergamot, lime.
The Lady of Shalott -- bold gardenia, crystalline musk, muguet, water blossoms, aquatic notes, white ginger.

woody/smoky scents:
Black Forest -- Thick, viscous pine with ambergris, black musk, juniper, cypress.
Two Monsters -- Oakmoss, vetiver, black musk, champaca flower, leather, patchouli, ginger, Japanese pittosporum, ambergris, white pepper.
Yew-Trees -- Piercingly sweet berries over evergreen boughs, deepened by the tree’s sacred wood.
Hanging Gardens -- date palm, ebony, fir, pomegranate, plum, two pears, quince, fig, grapevine with plumeria, gardenia, dry rose.
Slobbering Pine -- Dewy, wet, whiplike, sticky.
The Great He-Goat -- Haitian vetiver, Egyptian amber, carnation, black musk, pomegranate, patchouli, smoked ginger.

with cinnamon:
Inferno -- cinnamon, bitter almond, neroli.
Sin -- amber, sandalwood, black patchouli, cinnamon.
Saw-Scaled Viper -- Snake Oil with cinnamon, cassia, red ginger.
Eau de Ghoul -- blackened ginger, cinnamon, mold-flecked dirt, with cumin, bitter clove, leather, dried blood.
Tiresias, the Androgyne -- black currant, patchouli, tobacco, cinnamon leaf, caramel, muguet, red sandalwood.
Uruk -- bitter almond, night-blooming jasmine, saffron, cinnamon leaf, red patchouli, river lilies, bergamot, fig leaf, the sacred incense of Inanna.

War -- Red ginger, black spices, patchouli, honeysuckle, three blood-soaked red musks.
Faiza, the Black Mamba -- black amber, caraway, oakmoss, green sandalwood, bergamot, jasmine sambac, gardenia, orange pulp, vanilla, blackberry, black musk, white honey, ti leaf, ginger.


Also, am I the only one that fucking HATES most of BPAL's descriptions? telling me that something is the scent of sexual coercion (rape), such as in the description of Ifrit, or "the joy one finds in another's pain," etc. is NOT going to make me want to get it! (I don't mind the 'rotting corpse' type descriptions though I find them very silly) In fact, the only way I could get such a scent would be if I cleansed it first and even so, some of the descriptions are just so awful I can't get the scent. I try my best not to read them but some phrases stick out to my ever-questing-for-words eyes.


would love even as a single note: myrrh, cinnamon, dragon's blood, cedar, white ginger, mimosa
love in mixes/moderation: clove, vetiver, cardamom, almond, pine, sassafras, sandalwood, cypress, redwood, juniper, gardenia, amber, honey, honeysuckle, patchouli, pepper, nutmeg, lime, iris, lemon, grass, smoke, musk. (I can ONLY tolerate crisp, citrus-y floral notes, and then only in moderation)

What are your favorite scents?

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kuukiventomu ══╣╠══
I love scents!!! My favourites are all fruity & berry ones; mango, strawberry (not artificial), pineapple, peeach, apricot, cranberry, plum, orange, lemon, pomegranate..

I love simple, pure scents more than combinations of many.
My favourite perfumes are Querlain's Grape fruit, Mandarine Basil and The Body shop's Strawberry, Dewberry and I used to love their mango when they still had it.

I also love LUSH's Karma perfume. It's quite spicy but I like it. I'm not usually that much into spicy scents.

I also have a Pineapple-mango-salsa perfume which I like quite a bit.

Oh and I love the scent of pine & fir resin, bentsoe, amber and some other sweet scents with a beautiful natural twist. :)
divinemiss_em ══╣╠══
i´ve never heard of this company before, but there are quite a few scents that you listed that capture my interest in a big way. I´m going to have to check them out, but I´ll have to make sure to keep an eye out for silly descriptions!

My favourite scent is actually just patchouli and musk, but I would like to find something that combines these two with some other things..maybe magnolia would be nice in there as well!
jenniology ══╣Non-BPAL╠══
Only recommendation that springs to mind is a scent called Woodspice, by Violette Market. It's the best woodsy scent I've come across - I adore it! I hope she still makes it.

(Actually, I had a look around for you, and found a few things that may or may not work for you! Sweet Anthem makes a perfume called Dina - cinnamon, dragon's blood and ginger. Mythos Mixtures has one called Fire Imp - cinnamon, ginger, berries, myrrh and amber. Violette Market also does Vamp Lounge - leather, clove, red sandalwood, vanilla, coconut, patchouli, cinnamon leaf and dried tobacco - and Vintage Beekeeper - honey, resins, clove bud, cinnamon bark, vanilla and wood. You could also look up Ginger Snapped and Birth Rite from Villainess. Wow, I need a life!)

If all else fails - look up Loreto and have her make a custom perfume for you. :)

I don't mind BPAL's descriptions - they're supposed to be disturbing. But more and more I find myself skipping the description altogether and just looking at the notes!

My favourite scent will ALWAYS be BPAL's Greed - patchouli and oakmoss heaven, warmed by copal! Dionysia and Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Those Condemned to Death come close second. My favourite notes include patchouli, moss, myrrh, frankincense, honey, cinnamon, cardamom, plum, and fig.
*  Random:  Katrina
mermaiden ══╣* Random: Katrina╠══
I was just about to recommend Loreto! They're *wonderful* for custom blends~ :)
tangerinedada ══╣╠══
c_a_turbulence ══╣╠══
Sandal wood, every time.
Faerie:  Deer
mermaiden ══╣Faerie: Deer╠══
Inferno is gorgeous...it's a very sharp blend that ends up fading down to the warmest thing in the world. It's lovely~ :)

Ohmygosh, I have too many favorite scents to name! I've been collecting perfume oils for years and have hundreds of samples and bottles, all told. It's kind of a crazy addiction, once you get started~ I've always thought of it as adorning your body's temple, and it makes me so happy. I smell like something different and bewitching every day of the year~

(Speaking of bewitching...scents by BPAL that I loved enough to have full bottles are [off the top of my head]: Bewitched, Snake Oil, Ephemera, Peitho, Gunpowder...I can't remember the others! I usually just use imps, since I have a huge bag of perfume in my purse, and they're much easier to carry. The bottles I keep for the weekends~ :)
dizzydog ══╣╠══
Check out the Ars Draconis group. The whole set has Dragon's Blood as a base, and quite a few include notes off your list. In particular, Tanin'iver:

Lilith’s monstrous dragon steed: dragon’s blood resin, patchouli, pomegranate, myrrh, mimosa, cassia, blood musk and smoke.

cassia = cinnamon, so it has 4 notes from your first set :) The cinnamon is pretty primary when I wear it, but the other notes do come through.

Avoid Dragon's Milk as it goes VERY vanilla. Dragon's Bone is sandalwood as strong as I've ever smelled it.

The Smiling Spider in The Salon is my favorite clove scent. I haven't tried it, but Plunder looks like it might have several notes in it you like.
aerialmelodies ══╣BPAL╠══
Of your list, I do have inferno... if you love cinnamon, it's perfect. I enjoy it, though not all the time because it's quite strong! It works very well when you want to heighten the senses. :)

I also have sin, and I love that one as well! I recall it being a little more subdued than Inferno with more of a woodsy note on me, but for you it will probably come out a bit different.

I'd have to check out my collection - I'm horrible at remembering a lot of the names, but there are quite a few I love~
frecklestars ══╣dainty╠══
I usually skip over most of the description and go right to their run-down of the notes in each perfume. But yeah, descriptions like that are pretty offensive.

You're welcome to my imp of Lady of Shallot. It just does _not_ work on my skin; turns powdery. *sad* Smells so amazing in the bottle though.

Also, for clove, March Hare smells like clove and apricot. It's like a spicy dessert. I don't know if that's quite up your alley. Also, Tweedledee has white pepper in it and is pretty interesting (I've got an imp of that too that I wouldn't mind sending your way). I think I also have something with gardenia in it that doesn't work with my skin...I'll get back to you with a full trade list when I'm home (if you're interested)?

And yes, I *heart* BPAL way too much. My favorites as of now are March Hare, Amsterdam, Prunella, Two Five & Seven, and Kitsune-Tsuki. There are some reviews in my blog if you're interested, but it sounds like you and I have fairly different taste in scents. But I'd be happy to send you some of my imps. Lady of Shallot for sure.
(Anonymous) ══╣╠══
sidheblessed ══╣╠══
You're not! I haven't ordered anything either.
tangerinedada ══╣mystic╠══
I have a shop in my town that has a huge stock of bulk essential oils and they make their own blends, or you can go in and make your own. I always get a patchouli/ french vanilla blend for every day wear and for special occasions have a patchouli that I age in the dark for at least over a year till it gets super dark and thick and sooooo yummy. Ylang Ylang is also something I like, but ran out and since its a bit pricey I haven't replaced it yet.

I'm going to seatch for BPAL, but what is it? I've never heard of it but am so loving the blends you listed and want to pick up some...

My faves from the list: Aerowen, Voodoo, Malice (I will get this for sure!), Slobbering Pine, The Great He-Goat, Tiresias the Androgyne, and War.

If you want a blend you can't find, or a single note, msg me your address with what you want and I'll send you a care package :)
adamantplatypus ══╣╠══
My favorite bpal: rose cross and whip.

I really love Victoria's Secret: amber romance
cunningbunny ══╣╠══
I'm all about fruity scents. My mother got me Escada's Tropical Punch as a gift before my junior prom, and ever since I've been getting their summer fragrances from her or Vince every year. They're always fruity, though they vary in actual scent, from citrusy to berry and all sorts of different combinations.

I'm actually just a hound for fruit in general, so it's no real surprise that it's how I like to smell. :-P
biznessman_alfa ══╣╠══
i love lavender, lime and lemon. i think those are my favorites.
djcliche ══╣╠══
i think dragons blood smells like actual blood
flyingshaman ══╣╠══
Although I love scents on other people, I'm not crazy to wear perfume myself. I do love the Bastet perfume/essential oil that you gave me.. it's just a bit strong to wear a lot. And perhaps I'm not in the right place emotionally or physically to really wear things that I love, like that. Right now jewelry is my big thing.. I think a scent might be a little over the top for me right now.
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on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.