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my typical day

My typical day probably sounds very boring from the outside, because most of it happens inside my head. I have two kinds of days; when-my-partner-works and when-my-partner's-off. (when I have a visitor it's all random)

A 'when-my-partner-works' day (when I am on my preferred schedule) starts by waking up about an hour after my partner has gone to work (which varies from day to day). It goes like this:

Morning -- I get up, do some reps on the HealthRider (my goal is 10 per day at half-hour intervals, increasing the length of each set gradually), then set my phone alarm for 30 minutes and read. When it goes off, I work out again and then read again. I generally read an hour of fiction one day and then an hour of non-fiction the next, but sometimes I mix it up and do half an hour of each. Days of reading non-fiction for an hour is often followed by me talking to myself for... quite a while. This is how I compose most of my posts; I speak them out loud to myself, complete with facial expressions and exclamations, occasionally shouting -- I'm sure to someone peeking in I would look quite insane. I'll make myself tea or coffee while ranting to myself. On fiction days I'm generally less overflowing with thought and so I might just sing or dance around or talk to Kanika while making my drink. Then I check my LJ, email, facebook, etc, and have breakfast while watching a show or movie. Thirty minutes after I've eaten I set my alarm to go off in 30 minute intervals (for working out), and interrupt myself each time the alarm goes off (if I don't immediately interrupt I end up procrastinating until it never happens).

Afternoon -- My partner comes home for lunch and I usually read while ze checks zir game & car forums and plays chess and axis & allies online. Sometimes we talk -- it depends how much of a hurry ze is in. If I'm feeling especially kind I might give zir a shoulder massage. I put my contacts in about this time (can't have them in for more than 8 hours so I put them in late). Then ze goes back to work and I get online (mainly LJ, dA, & facebook), make jewelry, read, watch a movie/show, edit photos, clean up, play with Kanika, dance, or write. If it's warm I might put on clothes and go out to a coffeehouse or used book store or secondhand shop or park; if it's cold I generally stay in. (now that it's getting warm I'm finding local events to go to and people to meet)

Evening -- My partner gets home and if it's one of zir 12+ hour days, we have dinner while watching a show (we have certain ones that we only watch together; this is something that makes my partner feel loved, as ze likes doing things together). If it's a shorter day and ze gets off work early enough, we might go out for dinner or for coffee & a drive, or stay in and make love (we make plans for sex; we don't do 'quickies'). Then ze either gets on the computer or goes to bed, and I call Aurilion to talk for an hour or two. Sometimes I edit photos or make jewelry while talking, because those things involve a sort of instinct that doesn't disrupt my concentration on the conversation. Then I'm off to bed, where my partner and I snuggle a little and then 'back-cuddle' (press our backs together) and go to sleep.

A when-my-partner-is-off-work day varies. When we get zir schedule we assign days -- some are us-days and some are zir-days. On an us-day we might go to a park/reserve (that's usually what happens), or to the used-CD store, or if ze is feeling especially generous we might go to the used-book store (where I browse and ze waits). Sometimes we try out a new coffeehouse, and we usually go to our favorite Mexican restaurant or have pizza. Generally the point is just to spend time both doing things together and talking (not at the same time). On a zir-day I entertain myself while ze plays on the computer, usually Neverwinter Nights (which zir parent and four of zir siblings play). Ze likes to have me around on those days (there's so little time when ze's not at work or sleeping that we just can't waste it), so often I spend a lot of time reading or jewelry-making (I used to edit photos or write but my laptop is broken). Usually in the evening we spend a little time together -- maybe just dinner & a show, maybe more, it depends on zir mood. Those days also end with a conversation with Aurilion, though it is often shorter than usual.
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