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everyone is gifted psychically/spiritually; there are no special children (all are equally special)

When we were out last Saturday, Kat K suggested I might be an "Indigo" after I spoke about something intuitive/precognitive (can't remember what it was now). I responded by saying that I believe everyone has intuition, and both Ash and Kat K disagreed. I've been thinking about it since then.

I absolutely DO NOT believe in "indigo" "crystal" "rainbow" or super-psychic children, or more accurately, I don't believe those things are inborn traits of certain special people, but that they are traits which ALL human beings have the potential for. Most people simply refuse to believe in or develop them -- despite experiencing aspects such as déjà vu (sometimes that's just remembering a similar situation, but sometimes it is remembering an important aspect of your life purpose, which I believe you knew before birth), precognitive dreams, a 'bad feeling' or a 'good feeling' or an urge to contact someone or knowing who is calling before you look at the phone or other things that are not considered aspects of intuition/psychic ability even though they are. The only children who are not "indigo" or "crystal" are those who have already been stamped into hiding those qualities -- through parents or peers who repress them. No child is born without these gifts, and no adult lacks the ability to draw them out and develop them.

Children are NOT "becoming increasingly more sensitive, aware, and psychic" -- adults are becoming more aware of these traits in children, and are starting to encourage rather than discourage them. Obviously those traits are going to be more pronounced when they are considered positive rather than negative; not too long ago being psychic could have gotten you stoned to death. Depending on how they liked the words I used, if I delivered a message from Spirit my parents would either have called it from God and been delighted or have taken me to a pastor to have the demon cast out. If they hadn't been charismatic (believing in prophesy as a modern gift) the ONLY solution they'd have seen would have been to have the 'demon' cast out -- and there are plenty of non-charismatic Christians out there.

I am wholeheartedly and fiercely equalist in spiritual matters as in everything else. Every single person is just as gifted as everyone else. I think believing in special gifts for a select group is elitist and serves to cause those who believe themselves to be 'gifted' to be lazy, as they feel they were born with their gifts and don't need to develop themselves, and it causes those who don't believe themselves to be 'gifted' to feel helpless and not bother to develop themselves because they think it has no point. Believing that traits are inborn rather than self-created causes people to stagnate.

I do understand the draw of the concept -- it is wonderful to feel part of a group, especially part of a group that is better than everyone else. But like all exclusionary groups, it divides more than it draws together. Instead of feeling a kinship with the whole world, a person who believes themselves to be "Indigo" feels a kinship with other "Indigos" and feels no kinship or a lesser kinship with the rest of humankind (or sees them as 'less evolved' and in need of guidance by the more-evolved "Indigos"). It's natural to be more drawn to people who are like you -- but deciding this on a group basis rather than an individual basis is discriminatory.

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tangerinedada ══╣╠══
I couldn't agree with you more! I lived in Santa Cruz, CA for a long time and had to deal with many parents (and young adults) with this notion of either being indigo, or having an indigo child, and more often than not it was treated as an excuse for them to act self-centered and spoiled... seeing as they were so "special".

Its great to encourage creativity and intuitiveness but its also great to teach your kids no one is better than anyone else, which is how many of those kids are treated and brought up to believe about themselves.
tralfamadore ══╣╠══
I was first introduced to the concept of the "Indigo Child" by a close friend of mine who was using it as inspiration for a character in a story that she was writing. I did some work with her in that regard, researching a bit and helping to develop the problems and attitudes of other characters who were to interact and who potentially might not have understood this "Indigo." The process was absolutely fascinating, and what I found out through the minimal bit of research that I did was enchanting, but in the end I have to wholeheartedly disagree with the entire concept.

In working with children, I have the distinct privilege of seeing young minds, sometimes which are almost completely untapped or unaltered by outside influence. I have come to such a greater understanding of the argument of nature versus nurture based on what I've observed, and I also can safely say that each and every child I have ever come across has done something that has flat-out amazed me with zir focus and understanding of the world. Every child is special, and every special child has the potential to grow into a talented adult. Though talents may be focused in different areas, each and every person has an innate ability to deeply and powerfully understand the world through the use of their intuition and logic.

This is why I'm so glad that there is a push in the schools I've seen to a more creative and liberal curriculum. I wish that we could take things back to the way they were when I was a child, and teach each child individually according to zir interests and talents, but as a nation we've become too focused on standardization. It makes my heart so happy to see teachers in schools who are letting children do their own thing more. Some of those that are of a more strict mind still struggle, but I really think that good strides are being made to allow children to open up their own talents, their own unique perspective and understanding of the world.
ladywind ══╣Raven╠══
No child is born without these gifts, and no adult lacks the ability to draw them out and develop them.
Yes. This.

I heard a lot of this sort of "wow, how do you know that?!" when I was doing massage professionally. To which I usually responded, "I've learnt to listen; anybody can. Here's how you can listen, too. Comes in handy sometimes..."

Also a wholehearted yes, this to the thought that assuming giftedness leads to laziness/assuming lack of gift leads to helplessness. I've been on both sides of that and know it for true. For what it's worth, breaking those habits is tough; they're deep-rooted.

Yah post. <3
wolfmare ══╣╠══
I don't believe any gift is 'more' or 'less' then any other. I'm aware however, that most people around me are not gifted in the same way because for one reason or another, most have rejected and suppressed whatever gift they have.

My own gift is in relating to people, usually just in person. I feel the people around me, in my mind and heart, sometimes so strongly it seems to be something of my own. Empathy, basically, but on a spiritual/psychic level. I have also met a handful of people who were exactly the opposite, their gift was that they were able to keep others out of their thoughts and emotions. To them, it was blessed privacy, to me it would be horribly lonely.

I tend to be drawn to others who have gifts similar to my own, though I don't exclude anyone for being different. Sometimes, simply having others around who understand you and don't believe you're crazy is exactly what you need.

I also think though, that the best way we can teach people to accept and develop themselves and their gifts, is to lead the way by showing them it's okay. There are several people I know who have a gift like mine, that never understood why or how they could sense others so intensely. Both of my partners were like that, and are learning more about themselves and others every day.

Hope this comment has made sense, I hurt my wrist today and I'm typing so slowly that my brain is well ahead of my hands... Wrist brace doesn't allow me to touch-type like usual. Ah well, forgive me if it didn't?
frecklestars ══╣balletic╠══
But like all exclusionary groups, it divides more than it draws together.

Yes! This, exactly.
nature;  girl
delicatexflower ══╣nature; girl " relaxation"╠══

i totally agree. i think people fail to refuse to believe this because it's a lacking of awareness and openness (heart, mind & spirit.) on their part. i don't say they are wrong, because it is WHAT they THINK but i feel much stronger to what you said in this post! you are so wonderful.
vilturj - himalayan monal wing
moonvoice ══╣vilturj - himalayan monal wing╠══
I don't believe in Indigo or Crystal children. I think this is a flawed philosophical principle that enables egoistic mothers to feel that their child is 'special' beyond the normal range of special and in many cases; enables flat out unhealthy parenting techniques where a lack of discipline tends to be the primary 'crime.'

But I also don't believe that everyone is born with the inherent ability to be equally psychic, or empathic, etc.

I do not believe that everyone is born with an inherent psychic ability (or similar gifts), just as I don't believe everyone is born with blue eyes, or black hair.

While it's nice to go 'yes, everyone *can* do it,' it's a very assimilationist way of trying to reinforce equality. It's like saying 'everyone is equal because we all have the potential to have blue eyes,' nope, we're not equal because of this, we're equal because we just are; because we are human beings with equal rights to be those human beings.

We don't all need to have an equal opportunity to be born with blue eyes, because that's just something some people get, and others don't. It's not elitist to say 'there are people with blue eyes,' it IS elitist to say 'there are people with blue eyes who are better than people with brown.' And yet, in an equalist society, I firmly believe that people with brown, blue, green, hazel eyes can get along just fine - because their equality is not determined by characteristics such as 'a universal ability to acquire blue eyes / psychic ability,' it's more - I feel - to do with rights. Equality through celebrating diversity, is more my catch phrase, more than 'equality because everyone has the potential to be inherently the same, they just haven't drawn it out yet.'

I do NOT believe everyone can be psychic, or empathic, etc., but I DO believe that other people can have equally important talents or abilities that will not fall into the definition of psychic ability.

I do believe, however, that most people can develop psychic ability... given the chance and discipline; but I don't think everyone can. I've actually changed my mind on this stance over the years. I used to be of the 'everyone can do it if they just apply themselves and try hard enough' opinion, but experience with the gods and the spirits, and then in real life with people, has taught me otherwise. Two people in similar situations can try as hard as possible to develop latent psychic ability - one person with latent psychic ability will become psychic, the other, putting in the same hours, and effort, simply will not. Probably even if they had hundreds of years at their disposal, the issue is likely their abilities lie in a different arena and they're trying to force something that will not come just as if they tried 'really really hard' they could not change their skin colour just by thinking about it.

I think one of the reasons Indigos can be so exclusionary is because of the way their parents raised them. It's very easy to be exclusionary if you're raised in an environment where your parent not only tells you how special you are, but points out how many other kids that just aren't as special. :(

I haven't met too many grounded Indigo adults. I've met a couple though, who are equal opportunists, clever, soulful, smart people. But my impression of their aura was no different to anyone else's, except that they chose to put a label on themselves that was different to the labels that most people put on themselves.
suesniffsglue ══╣╠══
I've thought about this a lot, and I agree with you!
tindomerel ══╣╠══
I completely agree with you! We are all special and have the possibilities to connect with life, be intuitive and sense the spirit of it all. Of course many things affect on our sensitivity and the interest in these things but essentially I don't believe someone is more special than someone else. We are all children of Mother Earth.
c_a_turbulence ══╣╠══
I've known several people declare themselves indigo children. To me, each and every time, it just seemed to be about 'teh awesomes' rather than anything else.
celestialsight ══╣╠══
I wonder how much different the world would be if every child were placed in the 'gifted and talented' groups/programs that they have at the schools? (What exactly are the criteria for these programs anyway?) In other words, I agree.
odd bunny
cunningbunny ══╣odd bunny╠══
I've had people try to apply those labels to me ("indigo" quite frequently) and I dislike it. Mainly because I disagree on the reasoning. I agree with this part:

Children are NOT "becoming increasingly more sensitive, aware, and psychic" -- adults are becoming more aware of these traits in children, and are starting to encourage rather than discourage them.

I lived in a home where it was discouraged, and only when visiting with my aunt was I encouraged towards developing my spiritual connection. I owe her for that.

As a whole, I don't know whether to tell you that I agree or disagree with your stance on the subject, though. My beliefs fall in a gray area, so to sort of sum them up: I believe in the evolution of the human soul. The core of my faith is belief in reincarnation and gaining knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality through lives lived on Earth. I believe that every soul will reach the same stage of ultimate enlightenment, and that the number of lives necessary to reach that stage can vary greatly from person to person. I also think our spirtual growth during a life has unlimited potential, so in a way, I agree with you. I do believe that every person has the ability.

Where I disagree is in the idea of a "gift" from birth. I don't think anyone is actually born "gifted," but I certainly believe that souls enter the world from all different stages of spiritual evolution. So, someone who has been incarneted through two dozen lives, seeking spiritual enlightenment in each of them, is going to be born with a leg-up over the soul on life number three who didn't seek that connection (or, not very passionately) in their first two lives. That's not to say that the second person is unable to develop those abilities or gain equal spiritual footing with the first person, but just that it takes such a tremendous effort and enlightenment that most people simply won't. It's sort of like taking an exam to recieve your Master's degree: The person who entered the program with their Bachelor's and spent three years taking graduate courses has a leg up on the person fresh out of high school. That high school student could study intensively and still pass, but the amount of work required is astronomical, and most people don't shoot for the moon.

or sees them as 'less evolved' and in need of guidance by the more-evolved "Indigos"

This is a concept I would never be comfortable with. Someone who's gone through more incarnations or has learned more in past lives is in no way inherantly "better" than someone who has not. That grad student is no better than that high school student--they're just older. And sixty years down the line when they're both retired and sharing Earl Grey in the retirement home, neither one will remember or care who got there first.
sotepetsenu ══╣╠══
Hi! I came here by way of Moonvoice, and I completely agree with what you've said. I've long held the belief, ever since I heard of 'indigo children' that the idea was bunk, but I never went and articulated it like this.

"The only children who are not "indigo" or "crystal" are those who have already been stamped into hiding those qualities -- through parents or peers who repress them. No child is born without these gifts, and no adult lacks the ability to draw them out and develop them."

This paragraph is perfect. Thank you!
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.