Belenen (belenen) wrote,

awakening to my treekin nature; sun-worship and light-nourishment

I just realized that as I've become more spiritually aware and connected to nature, I've become much more in tune with the sun and the weather. This past winter was the worst for me, SAD-wise, because of that... but this spring is introducing what promises to be the most uplifting summer I've had. Sunlight is a need for me, and when I first go outside for the day and the sun touches my skin, I'm flooded with the urge to revel in zir caresses. I stop, stretch my arms out, palms up, close my eyes and tilt my face to the sun (much like in my icon), and feel blessed in a way that I used to only feel when dancing in worship at church. You know how sometimes you see something so beautiful you stop in your tracks? When the sun touches me I feel the same overwhelming awe, and it is almost instinct for me to open my arms to the sun. Even when I'm in a hurry I do it. I feel like I am awakening more to my plant nature -- I almost feel like a walking tree (or a plant sim *giggles*). Sunlight nourishes me.

For the past four and a half years I've lived in an apartment that gets very little light. There's a large overhang from the roof, a thick-leaved tree in front, we face south, and we're on the ground floor. I had taken light for granted before because I'd never lived in a shaded room, but now I know that wherever we move next, the primary concern is LIGHT. Not price, not location, not surroundings -- not even a pool or dishwasher -- but light. I feel I need it not just to be able to grow plants indoors, but for my happiness and spiritual growth (and I know my partner feels much the same).
Tags: nature, plant magic, trees

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