Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (Aurilion name discussion / basketball w Zach Braff / dish-buying w Anika / ways of mermaids)

Ze came up to me and we chatted in a friendly way until ze was like, "Yeah, I think it was a mistake for me to take on the name Aurilion so soon, just because you pushed me to do it." Shocked and angry, I said, "What?? I did no such thing! It was your idea and I was very uncomfortable when you first brought it up! I never even suggested it and CERTAINLY didn't push you into it!" Ze completely ignored what I said and continued to act as though I had pushed zir into something ze wasn't ready for and therefore the ending of our relationship was my fault.

Then there was something about a road trip with my partner's family (which, ironically, I have not been invited along on since I got together with my partner). I ended up playing basketball with a bunch of male people I used to know as a teenager and one whom I didn't -- Zach Braff, who was 6'5" and very good at basketball (which completely shattered my world view, heh). I was wearing this little denim miniskirt (which I had indeed worn to play basketball one time when my then-crush/now-partner's family came over to my biofamily's house for lunch) and kept falling over (the skirt wasn't tripping me up but something was wrong with my balance and I just couldn't stay upright -- I wasn't wearing high heels but my balance was altered as if I were). Then I discovered that the ball had deflated and one of the people I was playing with blamed me and very rudely demanded that I go get it pumped up again. I was offended (because I was already planning to do that even though it was NOT my fault -- they had been playing with it deflated the whole time even though that meant they couldn't dribble) and hurt, and said, "You didn't have to be so rude about it!" (in an assertive way, not petulantly) and went off to find the proper equipment.

While looking, I got lost in this maze of a house which was all windows -- even on the inside walls (though those were curtained or translucent so they couldn't be seen through) and someone was talking about how it was a Georgian style (like the state, not the king or country). It had been made into a school, so I went to the principal's office to call around and find where the sports supply room was. Anika was in there on the phone with zir partner and I said something to zir and then 'remembered' that we had gone shopping for dishes (wtf?) and I had borrowed money which I had forgotten to pay back (wtf? borrowing money is like a red blinking light in my brain -- I can't forget!).

Then somehow I was in the ocean, learning about the ways of mermaids -- how they can switch back and forth between tail & gills / legs & lungs. For those of you who may wonder, they can use lungs while wearing a tail (that was useful while in the dream but I can't remember why) -- they switch to lungs by putting their face out of water and holding their gills closed. They switch to legs by drying themselves completely, and it takes a while in the ocean for the scales to grow back and the legs to fuse into a tail again.
Tags: aurilion, dreams, names

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