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I've been slooooowly working on my April music post, heh, it will be COLOSSALLY late but oh well! I also have yet to post the rest of my April booklist, frarg! But for nearly a week I had the weirdest stomach pain that sapped all my energy and hurt so much I had to distract myself or sleep constantly -- otherwise I think I'd have it done.

Plus writing that post on bad science as it relates to women was so exhausting -- when I write something 'controversial' like that it stresses me out constantly until I'm pretty sure there aren't going to be any more comments. Being emotionally invested in something which many are emotionally invested in in the opposite way is just nerve-wracking for me. I like conflict in person, but conflict online means without expression and without a chance to immediately correct a misunderstanding, and I don't enjoy it. Delayed-time conflict is like not being able to touch the steering wheel for a bit -- if it drifts, you have to swerve sharply to get back on course, whereas with real-time conflict you can correct as you go and don't need to swerve. I like the effect overall (I either get closer to the person or realize that being closer isn't going to happen), but I don't like the process.

I got my hair re-done FINALLY and it looks absolutely amazing. I tried a new dye which is a little too close to purple, not violet, but the cut is absolutely the best I've ever had. It's just the right length in the front (falling an inch below my jaw), super-short in the back, and I had the wonderful idea of getting the hairdresser to undercut the long part so that it will fall close around my face instead of poofing out (I have never EVER wanted 'volume' or 'body' -- I just want my hair to lie close and sleek, please). Photos soon ;-)

I started a dreamwidth account -- [info]belenen Let me know if you also have an account there! (I do not have any invite codes yet, sorry) I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with my account there yet -- for now it's a backup (with imported comments, YAY!) for my LJ. I do know that I will NOT be moving to DW and leaving LJ. LJ will always come first, I think (I have so many firmly rooted friends here, not to mention a permanent account!). But DW is kinda charming in that it is so fresh and new, and all the people there really WANT to be there, you know, they didn't just get one because it was cool or because a friend told them to. It's more serious and writerly. It makes me wish that LJ had kept the requirement for an invite code! (I signed up with one, if I remember correctly ♥)

I started [info]haiku_gallery, which I thought was such a great idea that I started an LJ version too: haiku_gallery. I'm hoping it'll build because I really enjoy reading and writing haiku!

Also, if you will read a copy of The Mismeasure of Woman by Carol Tavris, I will buy it and mail it to you. (they're quite easy to come by) So if you're interested enough to read at least a chapter, I'm definitely willing to invest the small amount of money and effort. Just email your address to belenen at gmail dot com -- first come, first served. I have a copy already waiting on my desk. Depending on how many requests I get, I may mail them out in increments.
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