Belenen (belenen) wrote,

evening with Viv ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm really tired right now but also very, very, very happy :D I went to BorderPagans tonight which was nice even though it was mostly off-topic (because the group was really small tonight) -- I was introduced to some very awesome music by justben. Then I went to Viv's :D

We had hot tea (mmm, Good Earth chai) and talked for a while, sharing about our childhoods and talking more about gender and music and changing the world through art ♥ ♥ ♥ (omg, ze plays the double bass! (not a pic of zir) I think that is SO AMAZING) and then we went swimming naked under stars! Which is pretty much my favorite thing, but I was somewhat distracted because ze seemed a little reserved and I was like, "did I misread zir? oh shit oh shit why can't I just ASK?" But on the walk back ze apologized for being shy and I said I was too and we talked all around it but didn't actually come out and SAY anything. (haha) So we went in and talked more (about previous relationships, mostly) and then cuddled and eventually confessed our mutual enchantment and kissed and OH MY GOD/DESS, wow. It felt thrilling and so familiar at the same time... wow.

Eventually ze started getting tired and so I headed home... ze walked me out and we kissed again and I whispered "I love you" (because I'd been thinking it all fucking evening and I just HAD to and also I was pretty sure that ze wouldn't be scared off by it) and then we kissed more and I was thinking that I was completely fine with zir not saying it back and then ze did. *beams*

I'm so fucking happy! and... I'm seeing zir again tomorrow :D we're going to Big Trees ♥ [changed to another day] and hopefully I'll get some photos this time because I have been too distracted to even THINK about taking photos (so not like me!). *giggles*

I think my face is going to wear out from all this grinning.

I was going to make the other posts public (because I asked zir how ze felt about that and ze was fine with it) but now reading over them I'm all shy again so it will have to wait *giggles*

I promise I won't keep on writing like this forever (emoticons and emotes and crazy mcphasey runons and fragments and CAPS!), but right now I can't help it! I'm JUST THAT GIDDY.
Tags: love, magic, spirit connections, viv

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