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bill husted photoshoot

Lalalala (had to)

Went to the shoot with Bill Husted. He was more skilled than I had thought from the photos on his portfolio. Anyway, he wanted very light makeup, so I wore this AWESOME dermablend foundation that made my skin seem to glow and better yet, seem to be even-toned! (I always look like I put too much blush on, even though I never wear any -- I have naturally bright cheeks. And lips, for that matter.) That stuff actually lives up to its claims. Other than that, I wore a tiny bit of liner on the upper lids, mascara, and thin lipstain... by far the most naked look my face has ever worn in the studio.

We did a few changes -- first headshots in three tops (blue silk turtleneck, black velvet tie-front, and havana) with and without a black hat as a prop, then fabric. I have this dark rainbow gauzy fabric, as well as a skirt made out of the same fabric, and we did shots with those two together -- those are gonna be AWESOME. Lastly I tacked some blue fabric to the wall, speading the remainder over the floor, and we did some portrait-style shots with that. It looked very harem. I'm so excited about the fabric shots! The dancy ones are gonna be so awesome.

Oh yeah, and I used my jewelry in all the shots -- both chokers, my sara necklace, and several different earrings.

He wants to work with me again, and I think I will eventually, but he's gonna be low priority since he's only offering TFP, and I need to get some money coming in so I can afford a better portfolio on OMP, so I can get more jobs.... etc. And I want to do editorial stuff.
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