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new bumper-sticker stories! and new stickers and photos :D

The first reaction to my bumper stickers was weird at best, but since then I've had two awesome reactions! One was to the same set in that first post, and the other was to the current set (new pics below).

I was driving in stop-and-go traffic in Atlanta listening to music loud with the windows down, and a 50+year-old person (I'm bad at ages, but ze had silver hair) on a motorcycle came up level with me for a second and called out, "thank you! [something I couldn't hear]" and then the traffic separated us. I turned my music down and waited until we were level again and called out, "What did you say?" and ze said "Yes we can!" We grinned at each other and then got separated by traffic again. It was so awesome! I loved it especially because ze was male (at least in appearance -- long beard), and part of me still expects all 30+ male people to be like "feminists are man-haters! down with them!" so it broke down a bit of that stereotype for me. :D Now I expect all bikers to be awesome feminists (haha).

The third one was more brief but also awesome -- someone pulled up beside me, rolled down the window, and said, "I love your stickers!" :D That one was especially cool because it was in my small city (which is notably traditionalist, and the same place that the first encounter happened).




I'm gonna have to replace the "Jesus never called same-sex romance a sin" with something a little less gentle and more pithy, I think, because it's just too hard to read. Maybe "Jesus approves of queers /" Jesus-lovers on my flist -- what do you think of that? would it make an anti-queer Christian want to check out the site? Non-Christians on my flist -- what do you think? would it make a person who thinks all Christians are anti-queer want to check it out? Queers on my flist -- what do you think of the phrasing? should I say "queer people"?

But check out the AWESOME NEW ONE. I'm very proud of it -- challenging without being antagonistic. Plenty of people will agree that prejudice is wrong but most of those people don't even realize that they think sexism is women's problem and racism is minorities' problem. Prejudice is a human problem! and with power comes additional responsibility for eliminating prejudice.
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