Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dreams (someone sings love poetry to me & doesn't mean it / Geb pulls me underground)

An LJ friend whom I don't know well but have a crush on invited me over to zir place. When I arrived, ze was on the phone, so I sat on the bed and waited. Eventually ze got off the phone, sat next to me, held a sheet of paper with handwritten lyrics on it in front of me (so that I could read them) and sang the most incredible love song to me, softly in my ear. It was beyond anything I'd ever hoped for, and I was overwhelmed with joy and awe (and surprise that this person whom I didn't really know could see me so clearly and feel such things about me). After the song I sat for a minute just staring, and then I turned to zir and wonderingly asked if ze really felt that way, and ze laughed lightly and said, "nah, just kidding!" I was too heartbroken to be angry, and ran off to a stable (??) nearby, lay on the ground in dust and hay, and cried my heart out.

In another scene, I was in a dark forest at night with two (unknown) people. The first was walking ahead and I was lagging behind with the second. We saw the first get grabbed by a spirit creature and dragged underground, and we freaked out and tried to run by the tree where the creature seemed to be anchored, but I got caught and dragged under. Only it wasn't a suffocating death, it was the most incredible feeling -- like flying and swimming, but through soil, and I could breathe easily. The spirit creature was with me, and I felt incredibly close and incredibly sensual, and we lay on top of the soil and made love in the way of Nut and Geb -- which was a bit difficult as zir penis was quite wide, but once we merged we sank beneath the soil again... it was incredible. Once I woke I realized that that dream was about Geb.
Tags: dreams, dreams more real than waking, geb, lj friends, love, sex

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