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hannahbel conversations!

I neverever do this but I talked to Hannah for the first time in months and months today and so I'm sharing some of our profound wisdom with youuuu :D :D :D

Hannah!: *lets out giant squeeexxies*
me: (that's where you squeeze until the person squeeks)
Hannah!: :-o *squeaks cutely*
me: awwwwwwwwwwwwww!
Hannah!: squeexzes is a very sweet word
me: you are so damn adorableeeee!
Hannah!: i must use that
me: hee hee, yes
Hannah!: :-D yay!
Hannah!: *hee's at your twitter update*
me: heee! :D
do you like the postal service?
Viv makes music like that :D
Hannah!: yeah! i listened to them a lot a few years ago, but not for a while
me: I KNOW
Hannah!: do you have any mp3s?
of viv i mean
me: noess... sadly!
Hannah!: *puts a star on viv's nose*
for being very cool
me: hee hee!
*puts a star on your nose too!*
Hannah!: i havent heard all of their stuff. what's your favourite? now you're the only one without a star, poor bel
me: pooooor mmeeeeeeeee
Hannah!: here have one too *deposits*
me: ewwwwwwwww
don't deposit it!
Hannah!: :-O
oh noes! D:
*weeps at the misunderstanding*
me: I don't want hannahdeposits even if they are star-shaped!
Hannah!: :-( you meanie. my deposits are my special gifts
me: but they smelll badddd
Hannah!: *keeps her deposits to herself from now on*
me: *snickerfit*
Hannah!: *pokes at own deposits lonelily* (we're weird)
me: oh noooooooooo
Hannah!: (is freaked out by self)
me: *cries with laughter*
Hannah!: :-)! ahhhh
me: ohfmgggg it's not a hannahbel convo until it's poo-related
Hannah!: i know! gosh. but this time you started it ;-) so i take no blame
me: haha!
I can't regret what leads to peals and tears of laughter!
Hannah!: *loooove for you bel-bob*
me: it's bel-BOOB get it right!
Hannah!: hehehe! SORRY!
sometimes i hear you say that in my mind
me: *throws you in the trashcan!*
haha, really?
Hannah!: sorrrryyyyyyy <3<3 yeah! i'm not sure when exactly. usually when i do something 'mean'
Hannah!: i imagine you doing your hoffense reaction
me: HAHA!
I love it!
omfg I missed your sense of humor
Hannah!: *is disciplined by bel-emissary in head*
me too lovebug.
me-you-nick had such silly fun
me: I know!
Hannah!: we misses you
me: can I put some of our convo in my LJ? :D
Hannah!: hahaha... *worries has said self-incriminating super-dumb shit*
me: hahahah
Hannah!: *realises has, lol*
Tags: hannah, laugh

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