Belenen (belenen) wrote,

broken trust, stupid faith

B (soon-to-be-ex-partner) just told me that ze "doesn't agree with" my "philosophies and lifestyle," and in fact hasn't for years. I've never been so betrayed; I've been lied to in such a massive way. I can't even really take it in. I've been living with a stranger.

I'm worried that I'm not going to be able to trust anymore. Who the fuck am I without that? How am I so easily fooled? Why do I trick myself into believing things that are so OBVIOUSLY NOT TRUE??? Why don't I ever listen to my mind when things don't add up?

And I'm pretty angry with myself right now because I keep making the same fucking mistake. I pour energy into a relationship, having faith that it'll eventually be returned in equal measure. But what really happens is that eventually I run out and stop, and then the other person throws me away, because they didn't really want ME, they just wanted what I had to give. B's never really been my friend (though I was zir friend). Friends show interest in your life. Friends notice when you're hurting and reach out. Friends tell the truth even if it hurts. Friends make effort to show you love.

But I know I'm just going to do it again, in the vain hope that next time I'll manage to pick someone who actually sees me and loves ME. I kinda hate myself for it, but at the same time... If I had to do it over again I would have done it mostly the same way. I'd just have planned an escape route instead of having to depend on the honor of someone I can't trust. I just can't live being suspicious of people I love. I'd hate life too much. I'd hate people too much. But why isn't my heart ever right? I'm really tired of feeling like an idiot for listening to it.

and I'm really tired of crying.

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Tags: anger, b - ex-partner, pain, turning points

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