Belenen (belenen) wrote,

hilarity: my favorite Wondermark strips :D

THIS is my kind of humor :D

In which Labor is avoided:
In which Opinions prove flexible:
In which Mindy rebuffs an Entreaty:
In which a Colonel is alluded to:
In which a Fortune is sought:
In which All comes to Naught:
In which, perhaps, Plums are eaten:
In which Indecency is suggested:
In which an Infant is juiced:
In which the Holiday heralds Dissent:
In which Candy is withheld:
In which Gary learns he can still be shocked:
In which Salvation is summoned:
In which feature Automatons:
In which No One cares about That:
The True Meaning of Christmas:
In which Signals are misinterpreted:
In which Subtlety is lost:
In which an Infant is quantified:
In which Ants factor:
In which a Lost Elephant is easily found:

In which Wendy learns Too Much:
In which an Argument is formulated:
In which One has to Wonder:
In which Misfortune is heralded:
In which an Ape is stranded:
In which Lindsay is tagged in a Note:
In which a Heroine scowls a lot:
Girls are Many-Splendored Things:
In which Cancer is faked:
In which Irony is detected:
In which Grandpa tells that Story again:
In which Innovation is Sudden:
In which Rebecca laughs:
In which an Ape is totally emo:
In which That sounds like a Dare:
In which a Goat wishes Death upon a Fox:
In which Corporate Parentage is revealed:
In which a Good Time is had by Some:
In which a Toy proves insufficient:
The Sausage Mystery:
A Reasonable Solution:
The Achilles Body:
In which it’s Hot:
In which a Tree gets the Talk:
In which Alex just can’t manage it:
In which Rob tries to read:
In which Control is wrested:
In which a Child is threatened:
In which Propriety is abandoned:
In which Education is Vital:
In which is marked an Anniversary of Birth:
In which Marvin is All Set:
In which One Wheel would be Enough:
In which Youths delight in a Prank:
In which a Meeting goes poorly:

Guest Comic by M. Zole: (which is perhaps my favorite :D)

p.s. HAHA
Tags: laugh

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