Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (Angelina propositions me, bio-mom scolds, I put pine needles between my toes and leave)

I had a dream about Angelina last night for the first time in a year. Ze used to figure in my dreams quite regularly but now seems to just pop up to herald change...

I was having dinner with Ash, lil sis, my bio-mom, and some others, and Angelina joined us. After a bit of eating and small talk ze complimented my breasts (because it's the thing to do, donchaknow) and then teased me when I got all blush/stammer/giggle-y. Later, after dinner was over, ze came around the table to give me a hug bye, and I thought ze was going for one of those over-the-shoulder hugs but ze stopped at my chair and demanded that I stand up and give zir a real hug. When I did, ze indicated that ze wanted more than a hug, and of course I asked how Brad would feel about that, and ze said Brad wouldn't care and I said I'd have to meet zir to be sure (since they were monogamous) and then my bio-mom came around and started having an absolute FIT! and the scene switched to where I lived from 8-11 and 13-18, and we were in the living room (bio-mom, bio-dad, lil sis, and me) and I was FURIOUS with my bio-mom for questioning my morality and implying that I would participate in cheating, and for some reason I started putting pine needles between my big toes before putting on my shoes to go. And I somehow had four feet, but could only find enough long pine needles for three of them -- I eventually gave up and put shortish ones in. Bio-dad was calmly helping me sort through the pine needles. (it was Christmas so they were all over the floor -- which made sense in the dream even though the Christmas tree was a fir) I told bio-mom that I would not be speaking to zir any more, but that I would talk to bio-dad, and I stormed out.
Tags: angelina, biofamily, dreams, polyamory / relationship anarchy, wishwood

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