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I hate taking makeup off.'s just so nice to be able to see my eyelashes. They are a vanity of mine, cause they're extraordinarily thick and long -- but they are mostly blond, for some odd reason. So without mascara they look very short, and with mascara they look very glamourous and seductive.

I tend to see makeup as art -- bodypainting instead of painting on canvas. I rarely wear it, 'cause I'm lazy, but occasionally I'll just get in a mood where I wanna play with paints. As I did tonight! Too bad my purple, green, and bright blue mascaras dried out. Now I'll have to go hunting again. Anybody know of a place that sells purple mascara?

Oh yes, note to self: Tomorrow, turn up music really loud and sing/scream your heart out, 'cause it's the last time you will be certain the house is empty for a few weeks.

((--had yummy purple, finished off with bright red--))

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