Belenen (belenen) wrote,

poem: "faithless and always burning"

faithless and always burning

heart is blazing, fierce!
snatches you close, too close to breathe,
beats in time, entwining veins,
can't imagine separation.

but sensing slight (imagined?) hesitation,
(or complacency or cooling of ardour)
heart flings you away,
shoves you out,
barricades the door.

"Fuck you I hate you how dare you pretend!"
(ze demands uninterrupted flaring fervour;
anything less is deemed false)

Ze listened to all the things ze wished you said,
believed them -- now ze'll use these
to keep you out.
"Unspoken promises can still be broken,"
ze says.

(ze's broken, stuck at max heat --
no one of variable temperature can be trusted)

But zir fickle, faithless ways
keep zir waiting at the window, silent and staring,
and the sight or scent of fresh flame
has zir tearing the door open

Tags: poetry

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