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Nicole Daedone quote

...there was a moment when something happened that I didn't fully process or digest, that moment is stuck in my mind and it is a lens in between us. And every time I see you, I see you through that lens. Say you stepped on my foot. Then whenever I see you, no matter what you're saying, in the back of my mind I'm having this alternate conversation -- "he stepped on my foot, he stepped on my foot, he stepped on my foot" -- and so I'm carrying this charge around. ...the idea is that you say in a value-neutral way, recognizing that that charge is mine, "whenever I see you, I think 'he stepped on my foot'." ... if I say it exactly as I experience it, the force or counterforce of communicating it actually releases it. And when I release it, I come back into direct contact with you, back into direct communication. -- Nicole Daedone, Taste of Sex, Episode 2.

I love the way ze put this -- it's exactly how I experience that process. If there's no underlying issue and it's just something that made me uncomfortable for whatever reason, expressing it clearly and completely makes it dissolve entirely. I am LOVING this podcast.
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