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weird stuff about me may not know

::::I yawn when I'm cold.
::::I sing wordlessly when I'm sad.
::::I purr when I'm really happy. (a human purr, but a purr nonetheless)
::::I hate popcorn -- both smell and taste.
::::I hate chocolate, unless it has coffee, peanut butter, or mint with it.
::::I love to be naked.
::::I nearly sliced off one of my toes on the bottom of a broken bottle, and it won't bend properly to this day.
::::My eyes change blue-grey-aqua-green based on my mood.
::::I LOVE the heat of Georgia and being in the sun, but I can't venture out without sunblock 'cause I burn.
::::My favorite candy is Andes mints, & fav ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
::::Old nicknames: Twisten, Pocahantas, Kissy, Silver, Silverado, Nut.
::::People have said I look like: Lara Croft, Angelina Jolie, Alanis Morrisette, Liv Tyler, and some character named Cleo from ER. (I like the idea that I look like Angelina)
::::I've never so much as held hands with anyone but Ben.
::::I'm a pyromaniac.
::::I hate dogs and love cats and snakes.
::::I'm a fairly good horseback rider.
::::I used to be so addicted to the written word that I got a large purse so I could carry at least two books with me at all times. Most of the time I reading three or four different books (as in, read some of this, then some of that, etc.).
::::I've never been any good at climbing trees.
::::I've been told that I'm ugly -- matter-of-factly, not in anger or spite.
::::I think Sierra Mist is the only Pepsi product that is better than the Coke version.
::::I wish Ben and I could switch bodies once so I could feel what it's like to ride me.
::::I love bellydancing and am going to take lessons as soon as I can afford them.

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