Belenen (belenen) wrote,

conversations/arguments with justben ♥

One of the most amazing things about justben is that ze is confidently passionate in zir opinions and ALSO quite open to shifting/expanding them. I really love talking with zir because we differ in productive ways -- I usually come away from a conversation having gained clarity or inspiration. And even when my ideas are completely alien to zir or clash entirely with zir ideas, ze never dismisses or ignores them; ze always wants to know and understand. I can't even express how much I love that! AND we're similar enough that most of our ideas line up in some way, yet different enough that they pretty much never align perfectly. I think that's the most inspiring type of mental connection for me, because it both validates and challenges. Ohh, and because it usually means that we've both already contemplated something before discussing it, and so we skip introduction-to-the-idea and go straight to further-development-of-said-idea.

I'm continuously in awe of this. I mean... wow. When first deciding to explore this, I thought it might be sweet, lovely, but I had no idea it would unfold into such blazing deep intensity on so many levels. Soul, heart, mind, body... it's incredible. I feel like I've waded ankle-deep into a sea of possibility, and already life is so different. Everything is so new.
Tags: hope

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