Belenen (belenen) wrote,

life is so GLORIOUS and I have so much love I shall burst and rain down skittles

ohmigod, Life. I seem to be having quite a few of these "life is too beautiful for words" moments/days lately.

My week was full of beautiful people and glorious moments! Sunday Ash and I picked up my lil sis and we went to a mostly-vegetarian restaurant where we had INTENSELY delicious food and received compliments from a stranger. Monday lil sis and I went to the borderpagans meeting and talked with Awesome Dane and Bryan and Ben and then lil sis and Ben and I went out to eat and our waiter told us the stories of all zir tattoos and gave Ben a pony! Wednesday Ash & lil sis & I went to dinner with S and then went to this awesome teahouse in Atlanta where Nicole works -- we hung out with Ben & Nicole and the rest of the staff (who all seem quite lovely and open!) and lil sis asked the usual intensely-personal questions (which is possibly my favorite thing about zir). Thursday Ash & lil sis & I went to Thanksgiving lunch with Ash's grandmother and great-aunts, who were wonderful and accepting, and then we went to have dessert with two of my bio-aunts, an uncle, a cousin, and the cousin's SO -- which was surprisingly fun and comfortable. (it's interesting how facebook has made my extended bio-family more a part of my life than ever before) And today! OMFG! Lil sis & I (& later Ash) went with Ben to a thanksgiving party hosted by Scarlett, whom I'd met once before but didn't really know. I was very nervous about it beforehand because I didn't know most of the people there, but I felt comfortable pretty quickly because the energy of the space was just so welcoming and almost everyone radiated this really trustworthy energy. And I got to cuddle with Ben and Scarlett, *gleeeeee!* oh it was SUCH an incredible evening. And this will all make more sense with photos I'm sure because right now it just looks like a pile of names, but I haven't edited any yet so oh well.

I'm so un-fucking-believably in love, and life just keeps showering me with more and more joy. I'm overflowing with happiness, I feel like I've had enough joy to keep me glowing for a week -- and I'm spending tomorrow with justben! we're going to the Big Trees Forest Preserve! If I don't post again for a while, it's because I got overwhelmed with joy to the point where I lost the ability to form sentences (or perhaps words). ♥! Don't worry, I'm sure it will wear off if that happens ;-)
Tags: ace, ashe, biofamily, hope, joy, localtribe, those passing through, touch

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