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Christmas surprise orchestrated by Ash & S, involving Anna & Shel & Kate & Kay & Nikki & & &!!!

So I had the worst Christmas of my life (crying almost all day in rage and pain over the ex) BUT there was an incredibly beautiful gift that helped me get through it ♥ Ash had the amazing idea of contacting quite a few of my friends and asking them to send images that ze could use to make ornaments for me. Ze and S gave me little hints for like a week, and then the day before Christmas Eve, S lugged a tree up the stairs and they decorated it with the printed-out images and awesome ornaments made by Nikki from recycled (♥!) Christmas cards and various lovely little bits. Ash hasn't forwarded the emails yet so I am not sure who all participated, but S gave me two little black cats (in honor of 'Nika, whom ze refers to as "devil cat"), Anna sent me three GORGEOUS glass angel ornaments, Shel made a DARLING little felt star, Kate sent in a photo of zirself standing in the snow holding a Merry Christmas sign (eeeee!!!!!), Kay sent in three photos of zirself (eye, hands-in-a-heart, and face with a little sign that said "James!"), Kelley sent a photo of zirself making a hands-in-a-heart sign, and I know that SabR, Angie, Jess, Jen, Deb, Celina, Karen, Gayle, Anika, and several others participated but I am not sure who sent what. When I get the emails I will probably post the images ;-) Also Celina and Jen and Anna sent me Christmas cards ♥ I was so so so so touched by the idea and by all the people who participated, thank you so so so much loves. I so needed that and I will treasure my little handmade (and hand-chosen) ornaments forever! ♥ Also S is going to take the tree to be made into mulch later which makes me happier, no waste ♥ You are all so wonderful and I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE you, thank you so much ♥ *kisses*

Oh, and lil sis gave me an AMAZING delicate antique-looking metal pipe which has a decoration that looks like Cthulhu (to me) which I so totally intend to use, a glass leaf pendant (which I wear backwards to show off the swirly green), and pretty little paper scrolls. I love love love how those gifts are all so me! Oh, and the bioparents sent me some money so I bought myself Radiohead's "The Bends" and Dolores O'Riordan's "No Baggage" and Aqualung's "Strange and Beautiful" from the used CD store (pretty awesome finds, especially the new Dolores album!) :D

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jennifer19 ══╣╠══
oh my goodness how sweet is that. :-) you're so lucky to have such awesome people in your life.
belenen ══╣giving╠══
I really, really am ♥
aliyna ══╣╠══
Oh SHIT! I got contacted by Ash and totally planned to send something and TOTALLY FORGOT.

Aw, I'm so sorry, Jame! I feel like totally crap for forgetting about this. I was so excited for this project. I'm so glad so many others participated and gave you a tree full of ♥love♥.
belenen ══╣amused╠══
it is TOTES OKAY YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE. *giggles* we're keeping the tree up for at least two weeks and I'm so up for running to Kinkos to do another print job ;-)
aliyna ══╣╠══
I want to make you something, actually- do you want to send me your new street address?
belenen ══╣ecstatic╠══
ohhhh, really? *bounces with glee* http://belenen.livejournal.com/tag/contact+info :D
aliyna ══╣╠══

...I have the overwhelming urge to paint something for you...
belenen ══╣transfixed╠══
*gasp* ooooooooooohhhh. oooooooooooooooooooohhhh!!!!!!!! *claps hands with excitement!*
belenen ══╣amused╠══
*psst* also if you weren't sure what to send, photos of you are always the right choice ;-)
WTWTA: Friendship
kschap ══╣WTWTA: Friendship╠══
Hee, my picture was dark and last minute; my apologies! Glad it made it in time, though, and that you enjoyed it so! ♥
belenen ══╣eccentric╠══
hee, it didn't actually make it in time, but Ash showed it to me and there are plans for it to be added :D thank you love!
kschap ══╣╠══
Darn! Oh well, you've got it now. You're very welcome!
impossibly beautiful
frecklestars ══╣impossibly beautiful╠══
I'm so glad the scheming paid off and made you smile! :)

There will be a (very) belated holiday present coming your way sometime in January once I gather it together. Anything to make you smile.
belenen ══╣kissy╠══
awwwwwww :D Well you certainly did make me smile :D *hugs!* and I'm so excited to see what it is you're sending! Soooo curious ;-)
delicatexflower ══╣hope. "be happy for this moment"╠══

awwww. this makes me so happy! ~ <3 <3

i originally wanted to mail out an ornament, but i am so poor that i went out and got it, but i didn't have the money to ship it out.

if you still want it, i am trying my hardest to save up some cash to mail out some of my holiday gifts to my lj friends. ♥
girlslovegirls7 ══╣╠══
im so glad you liked the gifts!!! i didnt get you as many as i wanted but i was so happy with the shreak when you saw the pipe!!
be merry
cunningbunny ══╣be merry╠══
Glad it made the holiday a little brighter for you. :-)

Related to mine, which should be readily identifiable since it has my name on it and all (*cough* not that I'm saying you should have noticed :-P):

Ash actually caught me at a weird spot with this thing. I'd already drawn you the tree, and was going to hunt down stickers for you and mail them off together (since I figured some kind of "tree" would be better than none if you couldn't have one this year). Instead, I just e-mailed the drawing off to Ash immediately when I got her note, and figured I'd send along stickers later. Sadly, the holidays decimated sticker selections (they were all...well, just stupid, and not anything I wanted to send along) so the latter part didn't happen. Feel free to Sharpie on some stars and smiley faces or something, because it was meant to be decorated, heh.
queerbychoice ══╣╠══
Glad you liked it! It was fantastic of Ash and Sharee to think of the idea and carry it out.
oceanid ══╣╠══
*hugs* So so glad the card got to you :) Ash is such a wonderful friend, very very thoughtful! And you deserve happiness <3
Happy Hugs
aerialmelodies ══╣Happy Hugs╠══
Yay, surpriiiiiiiiiiiise! XD

Ash is awesome. She made us all little sneaks, but look! It was a happy sort of sneaky. :D I'm glad you like the star! I haven't hand-sewn a thing in quite a while, so do let me know if I need to do a touch up. Aww, yay, sounds like a happy tree~ *hugs*
suesniffsglue ══╣╠══
Oh wow what a sweet idea! You must be very loved
ga/ stay stay
acid_burns ══╣ga/ stay stay╠══

I was going to participate but then life got in the way :( I'm so sorry, sweetie. I was thinking of you, tho.

But man. What a beautiful, beautiful surprise, huh? :) I'm glad it made your Christmas a little bit more bearable. Friends are so amazing :)

Lots of love and hugs ♥
ladywind ══╣╠══
~quiet warmth~ Happy Christmas/Solstice/Yule, James. You have stellar people. :) <3
Jeff Buckley
painted_dreams ══╣Jeff Buckley╠══
You are truly blessed to have amazing people in your life that love you. Whenever you are feeling alone or unhappy just know that there are people in this world that love and care for you. You are truly an amazing and bright shining person. Just by reading your entries I can see a light that shines throughout your person.

Winter Mistletoe
celestialsight ══╣Winter Mistletoe╠══
I think this was such an amazingly sweet idea! I was contacted but with my recent computer problems, I was unable to load/send anything.
lorelei_sakti ══╣jessica╠══
I'm so glad you enjoyed your ornament presents!
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.