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fill in the blanks (the only meme that's more fun to do than to have done)

Stolen from karmia...

I ____ Bel.

Bel is ____.

If I were alone in a room with Bel, I would _______.

I think Bel should _____.

Bel needs ______.

I want to ____________ Bel.

Someday Bel will ________.

Bel reminds me of _______.

Without Bel _______.

Memories of Bel are ________.

Bel can be __________.

The worst thing about Bel is _________.

The best thing about Bel is _________.

I am ________ with Bel.

Bel can ______ my _______.

When I think about Bel, I ______.

Bel will never ______.
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