Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (flying on a magic carpet, meeting a sweet, open burly male person)

Last night I had a romantic/attraction dream about a burly white male person! I'm almost never attracted to really muscular males and the few that I have been attracted to haven't been white or 'cut'. This person was not only white, ze was golden-tan with medium hair and light eyes, and like 7 feet tall, with a chest like a foot-and-a-half thick, and shoulder muscles like rocks. But in the dream, I was flying around on a magic carpet (like ya do) stroking people's backs and shoulders very lightly. I stroked this one person's shoulders and ze shivered in response, which I thought was interesting but I moved on. Until ze came up behind me and made as if to stroke my back, but hesitated. I turned around with a wtf expression and ze said, "can you show me how to do that? I seem to have lost the knack of it." I scoffed at the idea that someone who looked like ze did could ever be that gentle or even want to be, and ze said something about how training to be a lawyer cause zir to forget how. Somehow I ended up with my legs wrapped around zir waist (ze had one arm around my lower back, holding me up as easily as if I were a toddler), talking about the stereotypes I had of people who looked like zir. Ze said something about having organic vegan cookies in zir pocket. I didn't believe zir and twisted around, hanging half-upside-down to look -- and there were sweet vegetable crisps in zir pocket, not really cookies but "thoughtful" food nonetheless. My damn alarm interrupted the flow of the dream but ze was SO incredibly sweet (and didn't get annoyed with my constant characterization of zir as a stoic, stupid, selfish person who was uninterested in the well-being of the planet or other people). Zir name was Eli Anderson.
Tags: chip, dreams, dreams more real than waking, touch

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