Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dreams (purple goo tries to eat me, I escape underground / I rescue friends from snowy cliffs)

I've been sick and sleeping for pretty much the past two days straight, getting up only once a day to eat. I've had some insane dreams... in one, I was being chased by some weird giant purple gelatinous creature which wanted to consume me. I was carrying a toolbox which was gelatinous and sentient, and had a black cat with me. I escaped underground through this tunnel that lead to a house, somehow knowing that the house was there (and not getting claustrophobic despite the VERY cramped quarters which in memory make my breath short), wiggling my way down like a worm and escaping, as some green gelatinous sentient creature plugged the hole above and kept the giant purple one out (because the purple one would melt on contact with it). The house was weird, and I have dreamed it before -- extremely vertically built, several floors but just one room on each floor, pretty much. Somehow though it was underground it was filled with natural light.

Then last night I dreamed that I and a crowd of my friends had been kidnapped from our home planet and dropped off on a snowy world with cliffs everywhere. As I sat there and looked at the sky I said to myself, "No WONDER I'm afraid of space, having been kidnapped like this!" Some of my friends slipped over the edge but I, luckily, happened to have a rope with a hook on one end and I managed to throw it in such a way that all three could catch hold of it (haha!). It was difficult to get the hook firmly in the ground though, and as I was doing it I started slipping toward the edge myself, and decided that if it came down to it I'd just let them go rather than tumbling after. But I managed it, saved them, and then we made our way down (through CRAZY tunnels again! with snakes that I thought would eat us but just stuck their tongues out at us instead). Then there was some even crazier shit with a shop selling musical instruments, which we all had to go through without catching the attention of the demon-people in there who would kill or possibly torture us.

So, not really very helpful dreams, but interesting! Or wait, the first could be about the possibility of living with my parents again, which is something I've been considering for the sake of going back to school. With the whole wiggling-into-a-tiny-space and knowing that I'd come out okay, hmm. But the second? It really felt like a memory, is the odd thing. I mean, not that I'd actually been kidnapped and shipped through space but... something about the meaning of it felt really familiar.
Tags: dreams, sick

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