Belenen (belenen) wrote,

sex with open windows / our space has been cleansed with creative sensual energy

I think Ash and I may develop a reputation (oops). It's hot now (HALLELUJAH!) and we keep our windows open and use fans instead of air conditioning (air-co, lol) and, well, Ash fell in love (and lust) last week and has had the new lover over almost every night since (and they've woken me up in the morning -- once with noises and twice with SHEER ENERGY). And I am pretty much incapable of being quiet when having sex with Ben (last night I think I was the loudest ever -- it's normal for me to scream occasionally but LAST night I screamed a LOT >:-]) so, if anyone's been on their balconies or had their windows open they've shared in our joy, haha.

I'm really, really happy for Ash -- this new relationship has created SUCH a shift for zir! And not just that, but the influx of creative energy (sex is a creative act for sure!) has completely changed the feel of the apartment. It almost seems like Ash's new relationship has finally cut zir ties with all the horribly shitty stuff that happened last year, and has started the healing process -- so now all that old stagnant stuff isn't in our space interfering with things. I think the overflow of their connection/creation is partly to credit for me finally having the courage and energy to look my ex in the eyes and see the truth (though I know spring had a lot to do with that too, and perhaps Geb did as well). And now it just feels good here -- I actually spend time in the living room sometimes (without the draw of a conversation, even).

See? this is why I love spring! it brings magic! also the green makes me happy every damn time I see it. LIFE!
Tags: ashe, hope, sex, summer

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